Fat Tuesday's
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2016 Apr 1
Rumours have been brewing that a new Starbucks will be opening in the soon-to-be vacant spot on York Street. Speculation has it that the branch will be called Starbucks Evening, a new concept where alcohol will be sold after 4 p.m.

2014 Jan 24
A fun place to eat, but wow did they not know a thing about gluten and celiac disease. The bun was on the plate (and that was the last of the ribs, so that's out). The second-choice chicken wings are in fact contaminated because they're fried in the same oil as gluten stuff. I don't mean to sound snarky, but it was late and people were getting hungry.

2012 Dec 12
Date of Visit: December 2, 2012

Fat Tuesdays sits smack dab in the middle of Byward Market and, in the summer time, has seating on an out-door deck. I had a beer and a snack of some sort out on their deck quite a few years ago and, on this most recent visit to Ottawa, I thought I would see what a more substantial meal would be like inside. In all, I have to say that I had a fairly pleasant time…

The Dishes
‘Gator Appetizer ... Rating 3 out of 5.
Blackened Tenderloin ... Rating 2 out of 5.

The meal was not very inspiring even though I enjoyed the alligator appetizers I began with. Still, the service was very good, the ambience pleasant, and I enjoyed some nice wine and an interesting cocktail over a relaxing hour and a half. I wasn’t wowed by the experience, by any means, but the evening still rates a decent 3 out of 5

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2012 Jul 11
Went with a friend based on a recommendation - it was "2 for 1 appetizers" Tuesday so we took advantage.

Ordered the Gator - it was rubbery and not a lot of flavour on the breading. The vegetables it was served with were almost inedible.

Chicken wings - flavourful, but were supposed to come with ranch. We had what was basically an artistic swipe of ranch - insufficient for dipping purposes (I love ranch and hot wings) - when I asked for more, the waitress said she had to ask and then just never got back to us.

Blackened Chicken Nachos - chicken was cooked perfectly. I'm used to nacho chicken being a bit too rubbery but this was spot on. The dollop of sour cream was a bit hard to manage - these were probably the messiest nachos I've ever had.

Mussels - the top mussels were great but the ones that had been saturated in the broth tasted far too strong and acidic. Also, there were a few mussels that were closed tightly - one of my pet peeves is when restaurants don't sort those out before serving.

All in all, I might go back for drinks and the odd appetizer (on a special) but i would have been sorely disappointed if I had paid regular price for any of the above. Also, I don't order pop at restaurants but my friend was surprised to see no free refills.

2009 Sep 4
I've heard multiple times that you should never order the one thing on the menu that doesn't fit with the theme; the one item that is out of place or seems to be there simply to please the crowd.

However on that night, Tuna appealed to my senses and I ordered the Sesame Crusted Tuna from the World Cuisine section. Bad choice.

According to the menu, this dish of "Pacific yellowfin tuna pan seared with black and white sesame and served on ponzu stir fried vegetables" is supposed to be accompanied by a choice of side. There was no choice and not side. There was also, no ponzu sauce. What should have tasted light and citrus flavored with the added bonus of soy sauce, simply tasted like an overkilled salted soy sauce, drowned in sesame oil.

If my words seem harsh, they are justified, unless it was an "off" night.

I was unable to eat more than two pieces of vegetables due to the extreme saltiness, ate half of the decently cooked tuna steak after removing it from the salty plate, and I was severely ill by the time the bill came. I would have requested a private chat with the server if she had been around and if I could have held up appearances before rushing to the washroom. One other person in our group of nine enjoyed their plate. She had the Jambalaya, and although it was decent, I felt as though it was not authentically spiced. (Have they been to NoLa?)

Redeemable qualities? This is a fantastic place to have drinks when the dueling pianos are battling, and my food experience will not stop me from visiting for drinks. The appetizers were tasty enough. ( Coconut Shrimp = B+ )

2007 Jun 22
Haven't been in a while, but to this day, I drool at the thought of their seafood fondue (appetizer). MmmmMmmmm