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Oct 13
Take-out ... with self serve casual seating ... like a cafe.

A partial picture of the main seating area:

Oct 12
Is it a restaurant or mostly take-out? I looked but couldn't find much info.

Oct 11
Converted older home just north of the main drag in Westboro. The somewhat stark decor still felt warm and inviting. One of the two customer rooms has a large table with benches to allow a small group to meet .... or to encourage communal sharing.

There is an outside eating area for warmer weather and there are about 4 steps to enter inside.

Had a nice cup of brewed coffee (they have the fancy-pancy espresso beverages too) while I waited for my take-a-way chicken panini sandwich. The artisan sourdough bread was chock full of roast chicken breast, avocado, creamy yummy cheese, fresh greens etc. The grilling was enough to slightly warm the sammi and melt the cheese. Oh ... and it was wrapped in butchers paper ... kewlio !

Owner, chef, baker and host, Anna M. Barone, was cheerful and helpful with me deciding on what to get.

I hope this 'one woman show' gets a loyal following.

Her commitment to sourcing local and not having a corporate feel makes me a patron.