Fish and Chips at The Clarendon Tavern
The Clarendon Tavern
Foods from The Clarendon Tavern

Sep 9
The Clarendon opened earlier this year as the newest member of the Eighteen/Social/Sidedoor conglomerate.

The lunch plate of Buttermilk Fried Chicken ($18) was really nice! Three tender chunks of boneless chicken fried in a crunchy batter, topped with bread and butter pickle slices and a drizzle of maple sriracha, nestled atop a generous smear of aļoli, and accompanied by a cannister of excellent crispy fries. A small saucer of tomato ketchup rounded out the offering and stood in (culinarily if not nutritionally) for an absent vegetable component.

So get it, but do the virtuous thing and splash out the extra six bucks for a side salad.

Oct 20
The Clarendon's upscale take on fish and chips: Ling Cod and Chips ($20) is excellent. Three perfectly cooked and flavourful chunks of cod accompanied by their excellent fries.

The malt vinegar chip batter had a great crisp to it but I couldn't really detect the malt vinegar. No matter, the whole plate worked really well together. Kudos for serving a fresh lemon cheek rather than a dried out wedge like at other places.