Fish and Chips at The Cheeky Chippy
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2018 Aug 6
Thanks for this review. We are very fond of fish and chips and it is rare to find a place that does it well. We will have to try them.

2018 Aug 6
Wow! Ever since the Mobile Mayflower closed I've been trying to find a source of excellent fish and chips. And by gum I think this is it.

$15.50 gets you two good hunks of cod with tartar sauce on a bed of excellent chips. $1.50 more adds a nice portion of minted mushy peas.

Fried fish is a relatively simple dish but it's really hard to get right. The fish itself must be cooked enough so it burns your mouth if you eat it right away but not so much that it loses moisture and becomes chewy. More often than not in Ottawa, the fish I get is a dry brick of sadness requiring lubrication with tartar sauce.

When the fish is excellent, I skip the tartar sauce entirely or use it for the chips if they need it. Here, I barely touched the sauce.

Fish batters are often either crunchy and thick or thin and soggy. But the beer batter here manages somehow to be crunchy and quite thin. The light texture and wonderful tang mean I do not know of a better batter.