The Momo Spot bring you flavours of Nepal with with the #1 Street Food - Momos! What makes a Momo, is the filling with flavours ethnic to Nepal as well as that amazing dipping sauce its served with.

We have Chicken, Vegan and Pork options. Now popping up every Saturday at Good Eats till 29th of Feb 2020, before the market season in May!

Momos at The Momo Spot
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2018 Aug 21
The eight pork dumplings ($10) I had at the Farmers Market at Lansdowne on Sunday were delicious and filling - highly recommend.

2018 Jul 15
Pork momos with spicy sauce - $10 at the landsdowne market. Eat in one bite if possible to avoid losing any of the delicious, fatty salty momo juice. These are worth the hype but maybe could be slightly cheaper for what they are. But hey, considering garlic scapes are priced at 5 scapes for $3 this was a fine deal.