Rico Peru is a food truck at Kent near Laurier that specializes in Peruvian cuisine.

Foods from Rico Peru


2018 May 25
Since it was a nice day today I decided to take a stroll outside to buy lunch from a food truck. I have been eyeing Rico Peru for some time now so I decided to try their offerings. Menu items include empanadas, seviche, and different types of stir fries. I decided to try arroz chaufa which consists of a generous portion of fried rice, chicken, egg, and veggies. They certainly didn't disappoint on the quantity of ingredients but the positive part of my review ends there. I find the dish was quite oily and quite pricey ($14) for what was essentially fried rice. Some flavourings would have been nice although they did give me some hot sauce on the side which was too hot for me. I may go back to try the empanada but I certainly won't be rushing back any time soon.