An outdoor terrace bar serving hot dogs.

Hot Dogs at Tavern on the Hill
Foods from Tavern on the Hill

2018 May 13
The Seoul Sista ($8.99) was okay. This was an unremarkable bun and wiener made more interesting with a topping of pulled pork, kimchi, and crunchy fried shallots.

For the price I was expecting a gourmet hot dog sausage of similar caliber to Vancouver's Japadog ( Alas, this seemed to be just a regular ballpark type hot dog.

The price is high for the quality and quantity of food but it's clear that the draw here is the cool location. Where else can you sit on a patio high above the Ottawa River with a nice view of Parliament Hill? The Canadian Museum of History cafeteria you say? Oh right!

A pint of beer will set you back $10. Then again, the opportunity to sip an adult beverage in this location is the only real draw here. If you're not drinking alcohol you'll get more pleasure and value by enjoying a La Bottega Nicastro sandwich on a bench in Major's Hill Park.