Korean Fried Chicken at Table SODAM
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2019 Apr 25
My friend's plate:

2019 Apr 25
Had lunch with a friend today at Table Sodam. It was nice to see that most tables were occupied. I had the Dak Gang Jung and she had the Soy Dak Gang Jung. The food is delicious.

2018 Jun 24
I had to check this out. I only managed to go to Table 85 once and loved the Korean Fried Chicken. Here, I ordered the Spicy and Sweet fried chicken with the cheese corn. I thought it was odd too but once I tasted it, I was sold. I ordered a bowl of rice on the side too.

The second dish we ordered was the seafood stew. It came with mussels, fake crab meat and shrimps with vegetables on a bed of roasted rice. It was delicious.

The space is not huge but it is better than the basement location of Table 85. It is bright and nicely decorated. Service was very good too. The menu is a bit broader than it was at Table 85. Definitely a nice dinner option.

2018 Jun 6
My friend and I went and checked out this new location in Ottawa South and I'm excited that another delicious non-coffee shop has opened in the area.

Similar offerings to Table 85 but with some new quirks and a much more enjoyable ambiance.

My friend ordered the Bibimbap which came with the usual assortment of tasty Korean side dishes as well as a nice Miso soup. Everything was fresh and delicious and the beef had great flavour.

I opted for the soy fried chicken which came with your choice of fettuccine (seemed weird but it was absolutely delightful and the garlic creaminess balanced perfectly with the salty sweet chicken) or cheese corn, I ordered the pasta but they accidentally plated the corn so brought me the fettuccine on the side as well - Hooray :)

The chicken is probably the best Korean fried chicken in town! Crunchy, sweet, and salty and pairs really well with either the corn or pasta depending on your likes.

Lunch prices are around 16$-18$ but it is a ton of food, we were literally stuffed. The place was packed but we were quickly seated and our orders taken shortly after. Service was really friendly and attentive. I was chatting with the owner saying how much I liked what they did with the place, especially the cute mural and found out she painted it herself.

This place is a new gem and sure to delight. I'm extremely pleased it's so close to work for lunch purposes. I'll be back for sure!

2018 Nov 17
The KFC here is legendary so I had to try it! You choose either Sweet & Spicy or Sweet & Soy for your chicken and then a side of either Cheese Corn or Linguine Alfredo.

I went with the Sweet & Soy and the Cheese Corn. The chicken itself is fantastic: juicy, crunchy, and huge in portion. I'm not so keen on the sauces though... the Sweet & Soy is less sweet than the Sweet & Spicy but it's still too sweet for my taste. The Sweet & Spicy is inedibly jam-like for my aging palate.

As for the Cheese Corn, that was pretty good, although the corn itself was mixed into a thick cream cheese-like sauce that made the whole thing way too rich.

Contrary to most other opinions I've read, I'm giving the edge to The Fry for this dish. Perhaps not for authenticity but for my personal taste. They offer the option of more savoury chicken sauces and their cheese corn tastes less rich and is baked with a nice layer of cheese on top.