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Bubble Waffles at Golden Bubbles
Foods from Golden Bubbles

2017 Sep 30
This was quite delicious!! I opted for a plain waffle and black sesame ice cream, with a couple of free toppings: whipped cream and icing sugar. This cost about $7. You can pay more for various flavoured waffles, more scoops of ice cream, and premium toppings. They have a number of rather tantalizing flavour combinations already figured out if you aren't in an la carte sort of mood.

The waffle was really really good! Fluffy and moist inside the bubbles and nice and crisp on the outside (a coworker found her bubbles were a little undercooked, so your mileage may vary). The black sesame ice cream was excellent too, and the salty (canned) whipped cream worked well with the cold sweetness of the ice cream. A nice treat!