East Ottawa location: 2018 Ogilvie Rd unit 1, Gloucester, ON K1J 7N9

Foods from crust and crate

2017 Aug 22
New location. Open and spacious. Good patio design with a good number of tables and coverage to provide shade on a hot day.

Staff were very good. Attentive and helpful. Went with a fairly large group but it did not affect the service too much. Main waiter enlisted help in order to keep consistency with service to everyone in our party. Kudos to him

Would hate to be there during a busy night and have to use the facilities. Don't know about the woman's bathroom but the men's room was like a closest and can only accommodate 2 people at a time.

2017 Aug 22
This is what happens when a pizza place tries to do tacos.

Qualifier: tho if they tried to do 'pizza tacos' i might give them a pass.

2017 Aug 22
Over all I was pretty unimpressed with the Tacos. I ordered both the pork and fish. It was 2 tacos for $14 with no sides included. Way over priced for what you get.

Pork was just ok flavour wise. A touch of heat (spice) to them which was preferred. Fish was much better but was only one small piece of battered fish. It was listed as "crispy fish" which it was not. Veggies loaded on both were fresh and sauces they put on both tacos was good.

Both taco orders came out luke warm at best. We were a large group but timing was way off and affected the meal.

would not return.