Fast, vegan chickpea-centric food in the Trainyards.

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2019 Oct 20
I dropped by the new Chickpeas in the Glebe on Saturday. It was quite busy in the afternoon.

Being my first time at any Chickpeas, I got the Original sandwich.

The falafels were nice and light and still warm. While all the veggies and sauce was cooler. I like biting into the crispy bits of the falafel.

I dislike the places that mash up the microwaved falafels with their thumb.

It was absolutely fresh and I was able to taste the distinct hummus and tahini among the crispy and tasty veggies. Iíll definitely go back to try the other sandwiches. Iím intrigued by the non traditional hummus.

2017 Jul 4
This is a new fast food joint, tucked away in the Trainyards near Walmart. Limited menu--falafel, various types of hummus, and salads. I had the basic falafel sandwich with regular hummus, and it was outstanding: falafel was super crunchy of the outside, but moist and creamy on the inside. Hummus was rich and smooth, with lots of tahini. Sandwich also had tabooleh on it--it was excellent (heavy on the mint). Service was fine, and they have a few nice tables to eat at. Only complaint: sandwiches only come in one size, which is way too big for lunch for me anyway.