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Foods from Freshco


2017 May 1
I have been frequenting Freshco on McArthur for a few years now and I have always been impressed with the cleanliness of the store, the well stocked shelves and the variety of foods especially the amount of ethnic foods available. I was glad to see a Freshco open on Merivale since I like heading out to the neighbourhood to visit the big box stores. Now I can tie in a grocery shopping trip at the end of the day.

I paid visits to the Freshco store on Merivale a couple of times now and location is just as attractive as the McArthur store. The shelves are generally well stocked although some of the produce items were sold out when I was there yesterday. They have an impressive selection of cheeses for a grocery store. I find most chain stores tend to stick to Kraft cheese, Black Diamond and the like. However Freshco had Balderson and Bothwell cheddars, Oka, and different types of blue cheese among others. They also have one aisle dedicated to ethnic foods. I noticed the meat section also has a freezer labelled "Offal" which contains two types of tripe, beef/pork/chicken livers, chicken hearts, etc. All in all I am impressed with this store and it's a great addition to the neighbourhood.