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2017 May 15
I don't want to tell anyone about the Monday $1 for any coffee, including latte, mocha etc., because if it gets too popular, they will not need to continue the promotion.

I like this place. I nice change from my regular coffee haunts ... Bridgehead(s), Equator etc.

The coffee is made in a high-teckie machine and not a traditional high pressure Italian style monster. So, the coffee is a bit different ... but i like it (especially the price on Mondays). There are Twoonie Tuesdays as well. Same thing ... but a twoonie.

I want to mention that the food menu has expanded quite a bit now that they have a chef, yes, a real chef.

Here are their latest menus:

Hoping someone here tries the new items and reports here. I only can make it early mornings but will make it a point to go back if i hear good things about the food.