Small, outdoor, seasonal one-woman Greek kiosk on northeast corner of Wellington/Hamilton. Serving pitas, skewers, salad, baklava until it gets too cold. Sharing an outdoor patio/veranda space with The Gelato Tree.

Foods from The Greek Shack


2016 Sep 25
Had a delicious chicken pita here the other day. $6 taxes in gets you a fresh and tasty pita wrap filled with homemade tzatziki, good portion of souvlaki meat, red onions and tomatoes put together by a matronly Greek woman in matronly Greek garb while Greek music plays from small speakers at her kiosk.

Other options that I didn't try were pork souvlaki pita, a veggie pita, skewered meat sans pita for about $3 tax in, and baklava.

If you're hungry you might find it a touch small, but was perfect for me, and a great value snack for the neighbourhood.