A grocery store at Landsdown Park with the following Departments:
Coffee & Tea
Flowers and Floral Arrangements
Meat & Poultry
Prepared Foods
Whole Body

This is a smaller store than those in US, Toronto, UK, Vancouver, etc. Decent catering department and some nice prepared foods.

Gift Baskets at Whole Foods Market
Gift Baskets at Whole Foods Market
Foods from Whole Foods Market

2016 May 8
The Chateauneuf du Pape wine, 2x Rosette de Lyon sausages, almond Roca, seed to sausage duck prosciutto and Chorizo, Thirteen granola and Rochon blueberry jam I brought to whole foods. I selected / bought 4 cheeses, Calabrese sausage, nuts, hummingbird and Olivia chocolates and crackers / artisanal crisps at Whole Foods so only about half of the stuff in the basket came from whole foods and they did not say anything :D

It came in a reusable picnic basket. Would have preferred blue as per request but either they could not find or someone forgot so I got the green one I saw and too late to do anything about it.

Overall, pretty happy about the basket..

2016 May 8
Whole foods Market at Landsdown Park seem to be introducing a gift basket program and in the poster within the elevator, it mentioned some standard baskets that can be ordered as well as customized ones in different sizes.

I was looking at large custom gourmet basket and custom basket have a fee to cover labour and material. The ones I saw for large gift basket with fee of $20 include some nylon picnic baskets options in a few different color/patterns as well as 2 wire basket lined with burlap or cloth. I think some smaller ones may be $10 for gift basket making fees.

There seem to be some basket ready made but not sure if they were orders or if you can purchase.

Whole Foods is the most flexible in that you can include some of your own items that they don't sell like wine, etc.

Delivery can be arranged for a $10 fee and likely 1 day notice is needed but you might be lucky and get a basket quicker if you order earlier in the day and if they are not short staffed in the store.

Did not find any link on their website so it is a call or go in person type of ordering..