"At Meat Press we believe in quality products from local farmers, foragers and suppliers. As a Chef in the region’s best restaurants, I have a close relationship with these hard working farmers to ensure the best culinary experience for our customers."

The is a sandwich shop and they also sell charcuteries.

Foods from Meat Press

2018 Jan 29
My SO and I went to Meat Press Friday night. Wow, holy deliciousness Batman! Started with the Lobster Cappuccino, a wry nod to the drink but really a silky, luscious lobster bisque with delectable morsels of lobster. Followed that with a fall-apart beef bourguignon (garnished with a marrow-filled bone of course). Can't recall SO's starter but he thoroughly enjoyed the steak. We ordered the small side of veggies (roasted sprouts + slaw) and found the portion more than adequate. Professional yet informal service made this a most pleasant way to end the work week. With a bottle of Rose and after tip, bill came to $200. Felt the extra expense was well worth it. Left with 3 Canadian cheeses purchased from their charcuterie case to enjoy over the weekend.

2017 Jul 6
Had lunch for the second time at Meat Press. It was great. Especially loved the brussel sprout caesar salad and the smoked beef sandwich. A previous time had the duck sandwich which was amazing. Be prepared to feel extra-full - these are big sandwiches and are not low-fat. We should have ordered three for four people....

2016 May 2
Went there during my Hintonburg/Westboro food run last Friday and stopped by Meat Press to check it out after the positive reviews of the sandwiches.

Sandwiches are $8.50 or $9 each and now salads are on the menu too whereas sides are roughly $4 but you can do a combo with side and a drink for $3.50 extra.

They also had some prepared plates one of which was duck confit, duck pate and some other sides for about $22.

2016 May 2
I really like the look of the smoked duck breast so bought one for about $14 ($5/100g) and used it for smoked duck and flori quesadilla with some sautéed onion, pepper and asparagus...

Very tasty and high quality smoked duck breast and mom loved it. I slightly prefer the one at Wellington Gastro pub since it had a smokier profile but that is hit or miss whereas meat press get ducks breast in 2x a week and smoke them for sales a few days later.