All day dim sum with a regular noodle and rice dishes menu. In the former location of Hung Sum.

Yimin Dim Sum House
Yimin Dim Sum House
Yimin Dim Sum House
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2019 Feb 22
Got the spring rolls, steamed rice noodle with BBQ pork, pork siu mai and shrimp har gow, which arrived about 15 minutes after ordering and cost $18.26 after taxes and not including tip. Thought that the quality and preparation of the food was good for Ottawa dim sum, but only fair if compared to what can be had in the Toronto and Vancouver areas. They did not have baked BBQ pork buns as well as Worcestershire sauce to go with the spring rolls, which are kind of essential Hong Kong style dim sum items, but I would still come back here if the craving for this kind of food hits again.

2019 Feb 22
Had a couple of weekdays off from work recently so stopped by for an early 11:00 am Thursday lunch. The restaurant is a bit of a dive (but I kind of like that) and was empty when I arrived, but had begun to fill up with other customers when I left.

2017 Oct 15
I think this place is quite underrated (as in based on the negative reviews it has received around the web, not on here). I went today for the second time and the food came out steaming hot, fresh and in a reasonable time (for made to order food). Service is friendly and prices are good.

Some items have been more hit than the others, but there haven't been any true misses and everything has been quite tasty. Plus they have quite a large menu with lots of selection and have rice pots like their predecessors (which I have yet to try).

2017 Jan 23
I didn't mean it this way. My intention was to say that the restaurant only had a table + takeout order and the background noise was sufficiently loud to cause a disturbed dining experience. I only mentioned Chinese as that is their form.

2017 Jan 22
The language the waitress was speaking is relevant why?

2017 Jan 21
Overall poor dining experience. The food was lukewarm at best and we felt like it had been given the leftovers from their lunch rush. Service was even worse. The place was empty and it was almost impossible to get the attention of the waitress. She was busy talking to another customer in Chinese and was laughing loudly that it distracted the conversion between my friends and I. I do not recommend.

2016 Apr 20
We had a very enjoyable lunch here - couldn't help from drawing comparisons between this new business and the predecessor (Hung Sum). Many of the same items are being offered here that were offered before, and in fact, the menu has expanded. Our food was very good, we ordered a variety of dumplings and dim sum fare and were satisfied with our meal. The prices - very reasonable. Again, it was busy here and service was a bit rushed trying to accommodate the influx of customer requests. The owners were very kind with us and our rascal of a toddler.

2016 Apr 19
We were three and had more than enough food with three dishes. We ordered the beef brisket rice rolls and the Canatonese chow mein on a friend's recommendation and were not disappointed. We also had the thousand year eggs and salted pork congee.

Service was good and our teapot was refilled many times throughout the meal, something I find lacking in many Chinese restaurants.

Dim sum is available all day la carte but we stayed with the rice and noodles dishes this time. Definitely going to return and try the dim sum dishes another time.