Breakfast Sandwich at Origin Trade Inc.
Pastéis de Nata at Origin Trade Inc.
Origin Trade Inc.
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2016 Apr 2
New coffee spot on York street in the market. Nice ambiance:)

2017 May 20
The veg breakfast sandwich ($4.50) was interesting. A nicely toasted English muffin, egg, thick slab of white cheddar, a couple halves of grape tomato, young salad greens, and pesto. The flavours worked quite well together but I found the aged cheddar and pesto to be a little funky and rich for my breakfast palate.

Definitely worth checking out if the list of ingredients appeals to you.

2017 Mar 25
Dropping by with coworkers for an afternoon pick-me-up, I noticed three pastéis de nata sitting under a glass display dome. So of course I had no choice but to try one!

The price of $2.75 or $3.25 was pretty steep (easily double what one would pay elsewhere) but this is the Market and we accept a wide range of normal. I suspect they bring these in from the nearby Portuguese Bakery so a markup is to be expected.

Unfortunately, I received the least baked of the three. As you can see in the photo it lacks the delicious black spots that mark an excellent pastel. The filling was really nice but the pastry had suffered from being on display for too long. Soft and lightly chewy, there was no sign of the characteristic crunch that makes these iconic Portuguese tarts so famous.