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Located in Cumberland, the Black Walnut Bakery offers bread, viennoiserie and other pastries. There are tables available to sit-down and eat-in and they also serve coffee and tea.

Foods from Black Walnut Bakery

2016 Mar 1
I just had to give a shout-out to Black Walnut Bakery. I was looking for butter tarts in the east end (sorry, Franks!) and discovered this bakery that opened just this past December.

First off, the butter tarts are divine. They come with either walnuts or raisins. The goo is a solid consistency (not goop you need to lick off the plate but not overcooked) and the pastry is great. Everybody was really happy with the butter tarts I picked up.

Also, I got a spinach and cheese pastry and it was so flaky and delicious. zomg.

Anyway, it may be a bit out of the way for most Ottawans but if you're passing by (perhaps on your way to or from the Cumberland Heritage Museum), definitely check it out. I know I will try to be there much more often come spring.