According to their website Good Eats serves up a changing weekday menu of fresh sandwiches and salads, as well as sweet treats, breakfast sandwiches and baked goods.

Foods from Good Eats


2015 Nov 23
I met up with a friend for lunch today originally planning a lunch at the Black Bear Pub. When we arrived we discovered the pub, as well as the Bay Street Bistro, closed last October. Since the temperature took a dip today and were not interested in walking too far we were trying to think of somewhere close by where we could go for lunch instead. A former colleague used to eat lunch regularly at Good Eats and highly recommended it so we decided to give it a try.

The restaurant itself is quite small with maybe a dozen or so places to sit but take-out is available and a lot of customers were cashing in on it while we were there. There are maybe half a dozen sandwiches available and served on your choice of bread, wrap, or gluten free bread and a couple of salads are on the menu.

I ordered the veg wrap which consisted of falafel, hummus, and a yogurt sauce and it was garnished with arugula, tomato and cucumber slices. I chose the wrap as my bread of choice and it was probably the most moist soft bread I have ever had. The contents of the wrap were equally as fresh and delicious as the bread. My friend ordered the chicken wrap with a pineapple salsa and arugula, tomato, and cucumber slices. My friend also declared her wrap delicious and we were in agreement about how delicious the wraps are. We ordered a latté after and the coffee they use is lovely - no bitterness at all and a nice warm beverage to warm us up on a cool day. I ordered a lemon square to go with my coffee and the lemon filling was delicious. It was spread on a shortbread crust and dusted slightly with some icing sugar.

I am definitely going to add this restaurant to my list of regular lunch spots.