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Located at Lansdowne Park

Address: 225 Marché Way #107, Ottawa, ON K1S 5J3
Phone:(613) 695-1200

Industria Brasserie
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2016 Nov 19
Ok, so that Big Mac-- err, Industria pizza is a lot of fun to eat. Like, with constant reminders that a) it's a pizza and b) I'm not at McDonald's.

Only gripe would be the cost-- $19 for a medium-sized pie at best with a lot of unadorned crust around the perimeter. Also, why the shears to cut it? Seems inefficient :P

A fair selection brews on tap, but they all carry names that conspicuously sound like microbrews (Lot 9, Stock Pot) but are sourced from the usual 'big three' suspects.

All that said, I would very much like to eat that pizza again.

2016 Aug 4
Ate there last week. Again.

Had the Industria 'it's a Big Mac in pizza form' pizza. Again.

Regret to advise that it was even better than I remembered. Again.

Damn, there goes another artery. Again.

2016 Mar 18
It was the 80s. A strange time for many, many reasons.

It was surprisingly not crap. Not particularly good, but on par with any number of chain pizza place abominations.

2016 Mar 18
OK a deviation, but does anyone else remember when McD's tried pizza, maybe 20 years ago?

2016 Mar 14
Dear Industria...

I`m not sure exactly how you did it, but the new Industria Pizza is, in fact, a Big Mac pizza. There is an alternate reality somewhere in the multiverse where Mr McDonalds was Italian and went with pizza instead of burgers and his legendary biggest seller is what you did. FFS, how you nailed the special sauce like that, I do not know... ok I probably know but choose to believe it was corporate espionage and/or magic instead.

Anyway, it is glorious.

My mouth, brain and stomach all thank you even as my arteries curse you to hell and beyond, because I will be back next week to eat it again.

The meatballs, arancini, salad, pasta and some other pizza we ordered were all really tasty too, btw, and your server's ability to keep his sh!t together when down in the weeds was impressive.


2015 Nov 25
Headed here for Lunch on Sunday with w.c. and we were extremely pleased and pleasantly surprised. Hidden Gem at Lansdowne.

Fun menu with small plates (sfizi), Pizza, Pastas, as well as full entree size. We received excellent customer service and the host quickly gave us a tour of the Restaurant and a run-down of the menu when he discovered it was our first visit. To be noted we were informed that all Pasta is made fresh in house (taste confirms this)!

During our visit we had (all pictured):

Arugula Salad 12$ - arugula + parmesan + bosc pear + white balsamic vinaigrette

Bruschetta 6$ - bruschetta with grilled bread + fresh tomato pulp + garlic + olive oil

Chicken Parmigiana 19$ - breaded chicken breast + tomato sauce + fresh mozzarella + cavatelli pesto pasta

All the food was delicious. The salad had just the right amount of dressing and the balance between pear, cheese, and peppery arugula was just right! The bruschetta was fresh tasting with basil and used very flavourful tomatoes. Olive oil on the bruschetta was clearly of better quality as the taste really shone through. The Chicken Parmigiana was cooked perfectly, full size chicken breast, lightly breaded with nice house sauce and fresh mozz. La piece de resistence was the pesto cream sauce cavatelli (housemade) that was absolutely melt in your mouth delicious!

Atmosphere was quite nice, nice decor, and lots of big tables for groups. I imagine it takes on more of a bar vibe in the later evening.

I want to come back and try their brunch which includes some interesting dishes such as Porchetta Benedict and Breakfast Pizza (Pizza with Pancetta + onion + mozzarella + egg + peppery arugula). I've always had a thing for egg on Pizza after eating it this way in France!