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Maison fumée BBQ Smokehouse
Foods from Maison fumée BBQ Smokehouse


2015 Aug 20
Dropped in on the opening night. Place was packed and staff were running everywhere trying to keep up. Place looks like a Montana.

My friends and I ordered the family 6 pack for $63 that comes with:

-Whole Smoked chicken
-Full slab of ribs
-Pull Pork
-Side of coleslaw
-Plus 2 extra sides (We chosen sweet patato fries and Mac & Cheese)

This came on 2 cafeteria style platter.

Highlights were the Ribs, nice smokiness, meat was tender and good fat content. You could also taste the rub.

Chicken was moist but missing flavour. 3 type of sauce were available and they were all decent.

I could not detect smoke in the pull pork but was still ok.

Sides were all mediocre. frozen fries, mac & cheese was bland and slaw was meh.

I had a brief chat with the owner who said his brother was smoking. He appeared to not know much about Texas style bbq. No Brisket or Cornbread was available on the menu. Owner mentioned that he owned Pizza shops in town...not very convincing.

This place is out of my way therefore I will not return.