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2018 Sep 14
I headed to the Mayfair Theatre last night and since I was passing by SEN Lansdowne I thought I'd stop in for a bite to eat. I have eaten here many times and I usually start with the shrimp fresh rolls then order a vermicelli bowl as my main. I decided to shake things up a bit and start with the spring rolls and have a peanut chicken as my main based on the reviews below. The spring rolls were very hot and very crispy and well packed with filling. I enjoyed every morsel of them. My main consisted of a generous portion of peanut chicken, mushrooms and fried spinach and a sizeable amount of rice on the side. It was so good I could eat this dish every night of the week and never get tired of it. As I was waiting for my bill to arrive I noticed the diner at the next table ordered wonton soup to start and when it arrived it looked awfully good. I am already planning my next order. We are lucky to have this resto in Ottawa and I will happily eat there as often as possible to support a local business.

2016 Mar 9
Seconding (thirding....? whatever you get the point i agree with the earlier posts...)... ate there this past week.

Place is clean and has a good look to it... the Landsdowne aesthetic works for me. Service was friendly and fast. Food was excellent.

The chicken wontons were tasty bundles of well seasoned minced chicken w ginger and, i dunno, happiness mixed in.

The vermicelli w tofu and spring rolls was one of those dishes you keep shovelling into the mouth part of your face even after you're full. Rice noodles done exactly right, a nice portion of veg, the tofu was tasty and fried crisp but not greasy, the spring rolls really are that good.

The peanut chicken w crispy spinach made me want to eat it again while i was still eating eating it. Thin slices of white meat and tender shrooms, nicely peanuty sauce, not too sweet, the crispy spinach may have been the best crispy spinach i`ve had in ages.

W two drinks, tax n tip, about $35/pp. Totally worth the dollars and time.

Will be back, will send others.

2016 Mar 6
Great recommendation VCR. We went on Saturday, love the vibe of the place, impeccable classy and friendly service and awesome spring rolls!!!!

2016 Feb 26
I've been a patron of the owners' restaurants since their Pholicious days and was thrilled to hear they were continuing business at Lansdowne.

Their spring rolls are the best I've ever had. Being fried with rice paper makes a large difference because it offers an extra chewy texture to a typically just-crispy spring roll. I cannot rave enough about this. It is a must try! The owners recommend wrapping the spring rolls with the fresh lettuce that is included so to cut some of the greasiness to the dish. Either way, it is absolutely delicious.

Last night, I ordered the Ginger Chicken instead of my usual bowl of pho. I didn't find it too extraordinary but perhaps that is because I was expecting something else. For the price, I'm not sure I would order it again but would definitely want to try the Cha Ca La Vong, which looks amazing.

The service and ambience was excellent. Friendly waiters, prompt service, and a classy environment - everything you would expect for an upscale Lansdowne business.

I would highly recommend trying SEN out, if not for the fact that they have overall delicious food and is one of the only family-run businesses at Lansdowne, then at least for the spring rolls!!