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2018 Sep 12
This truck is back on Merivale, and I am pretty impressed with the food. Had a Goat Curry Roti and the Jerk Chicken Platter so far.

Very satisfying, good portions, a little pricey.

2018 Apr 9
The food truck aspect of this business is closed for the foreseeable future. The chef plans on focusing on catering:

2015 Jul 7
Whilst crawling along Merivale I noticed the truck and decided to stop in.

I went for the goat curry, which was $13 (incl tax) and turned out to be a very satisfying lunch.

The goat curry was tasty, although not very spicy, but they provided a little pot of homemade pepper sauce which pepped things up. They also had various bottles of other hot sauces available.

The coleslaw & salad on the side were nothing special, but provided a nice bit of greenery between mouthfuls of curry. Under the curry there was rice & peas.

The menu said it came with fried plantain, and when I opened the box I thought I'd been given a piece of fried jerk chicken skin (which would have been awesome), but no, the dark blob in the top left was indeed fried plantain. And it was pretty awesome as well, deep fried until caramelized. I noted they sell this by itself if your arteries are up for it.

The rest of the menu looked good, including jerk chicken, fish & chips, rotis, patties. The curries & rotis had options of goat, chicken, beef or shrimp.

I'd definitely like to try some more items, although the location is a bit of a nightmare.


2015 Jun 14
Normally parked on Merivale close (i think) to the Menchie's yogurt place, Caribbean Cruiser had their truck at Westfest. First time to try, I took away a veg roti which garnered overall impressions positive enough to compel a future take-away.

Size & spice afficionados might note the one i had was not the weight-gain vehicle of other rotis around town, nor particularly spicy (despite a request for extra heat). Maybe this reflects the weariness of serving the masses all weekend. No worries, it left room for beer (always a good thing) and I'll add that the curry carried an interestingly creamy flavor that (in my mouth) works well w/ the chickpea, squash and spinach ingredients. As well, the shell was nicely layered -almost pastry like- but sufficiently dense it didn't fall apart in the hand.

Rounding out things, the service was casual and friendly.