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2018 Nov 13
I have been back many times and am now stuck on the fantastic hot bowl. It consists of several medium firm tofu steaks on peanut sauce rice noodles with kale, red peppers and broccoli and sprinkled with more peanuts. I sometimes order a side of dumplings when I am very hungry. Today, I ordered a side of kimchi. It was spicy and fresh. Definitely my go to. The Bibimbap bowl is a close second.

About the noise level, it seems to have improved. Noise absorbing panels have been added. :)

For dessert, the chocolate peanut butter cup is the perfect bite! Try it.

2018 Jan 10
Had the LIBERTY wrap which had dangerously good deep fried cauliflower in buffalo sauce, unnecessary ranch, pickles, tomatoes, carrots and greens with a massive side of fries and a kale caesar salad. This was far tastier than expected and huge. The fries in particular are some of the best around if you're into shoestring fries.

2017 Aug 19
The Margarita was good and didn't totally disguise the tequila. It was sweeter than I like to make them at home and I'm sure the addition of blue majik (www.dailymail.co.uk) did nothing to help this drink's flavour. That said, I'm quite convinced it will add months to my lifespan. 😄

As you can see from the photo, the blue majik also changes the hue of the drink to an ironically toxic-chemical looking turquoise. Neato!

2017 Aug 19
Visited the Elgin Street location with coworkers for a nice dinner. Service was great. The atmosphere is very loud, making shouting mandatory.

The menu features comically prominent adjectives and relatively small nouns. I opted for the only verb-oriented dish, the IGNITE bibimbap ($18). This was a tasty and engagingly spicy bowl featuring addictively crunchy fried tofu, tasty kimchi, and an ice cream scoop dollop of gochujang. I could have done without the baby spinach leaves, which added nothing of culinary merit. These should at least have been wilted as they would be in a more authentic bibimbap.

Worthy of mention are the RADICAL cauliflower wings ($13). These appetizer plates are available in either Korean BBQ or Buffalo flavours, and both are really awesome. I preferred the Buffalo ones because they were spicy and less sweet than the BBQ. I can see vegans swooning over this stuff because it triggers many of the same yum-receptors as meat. Nice!

2017 Apr 21
Decent food, nicely presented, but the place was deafeningly noisy at lunch - workplace hazard levels I suspect. Would go back during off hours...

2016 Sep 7
Came here tonight with my vegan sister in law and the rest of my in-laws. Maybe it's because I've been in Toronto, land of veggie/grain/protein bowls, but I was truly disappointed.

My sister-in-law and I both ordered a regular bowl, coming in at $17. A similar sized bowl would set you back $10-12 in Hogtown. The sauce was so laid on and monotone in flavour (lime for her, peanut for me) that I did something that I've never done: I sent it back and didn't order anything else. The sauce made about about a third of my bowl, so if you're into something that is like a curry but with noodles, this might be your jam.

Thankfully my family plied me with nibbles of their own meals, both physically filling and informing. My niece ordered the poutine with mushrooms, also heavily ladened, which I snacked on. This wasn't bad, but it's not for folks who don't like funghi. My husband and mother in law ordered a wrap with spicy cauliflower, which mostly tasted of Frank's Red Hot.

I'm sorry that there aren't more vegan restaurants in Ottawa, and I'm grateful that Pure took my meal off the bill, but I'm still would never try anything here again.

2016 Sep 5
We were in the neighbourhood and it was in between afternoon tea and dinner time so we thought we would have a snack at Pure.

The place is bright and inviting. The metallic chair was not very comfortable.

We tried the Cauliflower Wings which were spicy and sweet. I slightly prefer the Korean Fried Cauliflower from Joey Lansdowne but these held their own. The cauliflower were nicely grilled or fried.

We also had the Falafel wrap with a side of kale Caesar salad. Ingredients are fresh. A satisfying plate.

My daughter had the burger and fries from the children's menu. The burger was a mix of mushroom, brown rice and nuts. I have had better veggie burgers but the shoestring fries were well fried.

They have 3 local beers on tap and offer a smooth drip coffee. Overall, Avery good experience. It is a little on the expensive side. Since I am not vegetarian, I might honestly only occasionally come here.

2015 Jun 14
Pure's sandwich board message of the day as i walked past this sunday-westfest was something to the effect of you never regret eating healthy food.

Nice enough sentiment, but whereas i eat mostly vegetarian and mostly healthy, my second-most prevalent memory of this restaurant is the regret of spending $12 on the "veg" pho i ate back in the winter: tepid, overpriced, under-filling.

I will say my dining partner's rice bowl was v. good - flavorful, dense, etc. So, i thought there was potential.

First-most memory of Pure echoes what been mentioned on other food forums re. the room volume. Maybe a reflection on first month work-in-progress adjustments, but we had to request a table change for lack of being able to argue at normal shouting levels. Seems the trademark of many of the new places in the WB/Wellington area: I guess the owners read the same medical-cum-marketing articles on how high-level ambient noise leads to increased sales esp. when combined w/ kooky t-shirt slogans. If i get noise, i also want cheap drinks, so no Pure for me, i guess.

2015 May 9
After years of reading this site I finally registered to comment. My husband and I ate at here today and really liked it. We each got the Bonito wrap, mine with a kale side salad and he upgraded his side to a poutine made with mushroom gravy. He also ordered a smoothie that had strawberries and cinnamon and tasted a bit like a fruit pie (I mean that as a compliment).

Service was a little slow, but that's understandable as they were very busy and it's still quite new. We were seated right away, but by the time we left there was an impressive line of people waiting for tables. No breakfast/brunch menus yet, but our server said that they hope to start doing a breakfast service in the next few weeks.

I'm vegetarian, so was predisposed to like the place, but my husband eats meat and he agreed that the food was filling and satisfying. Everything was fresh and delicious and we'll definitely be back.

2015 May 7
The capitals are copied right from the menu. While they say the restaurant is for everyone, it has been 98% women when I've been and the majority are wearing $100 stretch pants from across the street.

I've with beable on the preference for cynicism, but I do love a vegetarian restaurant.