King Eddy is a burger place in the Byward Market serving up diner style burgers, hot dogs, pogos etc. A take out window also serves pedestrians who want to eat on the go.

Salad at The King Eddy
Cobb Salad at The King Eddy
Chicken and Waffles at The King Eddy
Breakfast Sandwich at The King Eddy
Salad at The King Eddy
The King Eddy
Hamburgers at The King Eddy
Chicken and Waffles at The King Eddy
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2018 Mar 9
As far as breakfast sandwiches go, Scratchy’s Morning Glory is tough to beat. A spicy housemade pork patty with an egg on (what might be)an in-house bun and aioli is sumptuous, decadent fun. If I was hungover this might be manna from heaven.😳

2017 Sep 1
I've been a few times now, and the burgers are fantastic. I do find it a bit pricy (maybe because there are 6+ of us ...) but the food is nice. I tried the kung pow calamari last night as an app - it was not my thing. Everything else was great and they have a seperate fryer for people who require gluten free (gluten free poutine is a huge + for the celiac crowd).

2016 Aug 12
Hit up King Eddy for a late night dinner last night, BF wanted Zak's but I doth protest. KE was welcome middle ground.

Breakfast for dinner had been the plan all along for my lad so he happily ordered up the All Day breakfast ($7.99) and was delighted with the rustic red potato homefries, housemade chili bowl, eggs over easy, and bacon which seemed to be of a decent cut. For the price this All Day breakfast has a very homemade feel and truly blows away the other diner competition in the downtown area.

I wasn't feeling breakfast so opted to order the King Eddy Club which features their signature fried chicken (breast) on thick toast with bacon, cheese, tomato, lettuce, red onion, mayo, and "seasonal" avocado. First off that fried chicken breast yum! Deliciously cooked, juicy, crisply breaded and seasoned - this is what made that sandwich.

The toast was white Texas toast, lettuce and tomato were fresh and the red onion was nicely slivered. The mayo was nice and not overly applied, thin slice of American cheese and the avocado was unfortunately absent. Sadness. As far as a club sandwich goes the fried chicken is really what sets this one apart - I wish that avocado had been there instead of a lot of tomato in both layers (almost too much). I suspect seasonal in this instance means whether or not their avocados are ripe. This sandwich slides in at $10.99 no side included.

All in dinner with non-alcoholic bevvies was 30$ for 2. Great place to grab a late night snack. I'll be back for just the fried chicken next time...

2016 Jun 18
In addition to being a fantastic all-around spot in the market for all of food selection, quality, affordability and ambience/decor, King Eddy lays legitimate to claim to having one of the best burgers in the city (I'd put it in my top three or five).

Such a pleasant surprise that a place like this opens, is actually great, and succeeds in that space. Always buzzing, especially with patio season in full swing. Over several visits, I've had the fried chicken, sour cream pancakes, signature burger, and milkshakes-- and I'll have them all again.

They've pulled off a modern diner feel without being too cheesy about it or using it as an excuse to cut corners on the food. A great place to have in the market.

2015 Apr 10
We dropped in last week and I gotta say that this is one very good burger. The King Eddy burger is 2 patties and 2 slices of cheese fried on a flat top and served on an olde style sesame bun. The burger was juicy cheesy and delicious. The fries were good as well and they are sold seperately which is a great idea for those of us who never finish their fries. The burger toppings are plentiful with about half being free and the other half costing extra. Be warned that when you are deciding to load up on your burger, the olde school bun is subject to disintegration if loaded down with too much deliciousness. Or you could do like me and load it up aaaand wolf it down. Good stuff!

2016 Jun 18
I can vouch for the burgers here being kind of great! This one was topped with bacon, cheese, chili, a fried egg, and a generous side of poutine. It is aptly named The Cure. All this for $12!

Rare indeed to get this kind of value in the Byward Market.

2017 Sep 21
The Northern Fried Cauliflower and Waffles ($15.99) is priced the same as the fried chicken and waffle platter and I can assure you it is just as satisfying. This is a lot of salty-in-a-good-way deep fried cauliflower. In fact, the whole platter is over the top generous. This is roughly half a cauliflower, an entire Belgian waffle, a big pile of fries, fresh coleslaw, a veritable vat of gravy, and a big portion of syrup. It all made for a delicious lunch on a day when I skipped breakfast and had only a salad for dinner. Wow!

2016 May 19
The King Eddy is a welcome addition to the Byward Market. Prices are not unreasonable given the location. The 3-piece fried chicken with waffles was impressive upon arrival. The chicken is tender and moist, but a fair bit smaller than it looks thanks to generous bone content. The batter has a strong herb component, which could be problematic for some. The waffle was good. Thumbs up for providing gravy *and* syrup. Overall, very pleased!

2018 Sep 8
The Whole Earth Salad ($12) has gone up in price but it's still reasonable for what you get compared to other salad offerings in the area.

2017 Jun 4
Wifey and I shared a salad and a poutine for lunch one day. The Whole Earth Salad ($9.99) was really top notch with an eclectic assortment of greens, legumes, seeds, berries, veggies, and feta, with a nice cilantro lime dressing.

The Quebec Poutine was good enough but I think the daily-special Loaded Fries might be a better choice here.

2017 Jun 4
They updated their menu to include some new options so I dropped by one morning to try their Scratchy's Morning Glory breakfast sandwich ($4.99).

This is a serious breakfast sandwich! The "bun" is a toasted proper southern style biscuit, the egg is fried, the cheddar is melted, the house made spicy sausage patty is bold, and the garlic mayo is zingy as anything. I like rich food but this was kind of over the top even for me. If the ingredient list makes you drool then it is totally worth checking out!

2018 Jan 6
A super hearty and delicious Cobb Salad ($13.99) here, loaded with nicely dressed veggies, blue cheese, chicken breast, ham, pickled egg, and hummus. Loved it!