This vendor no longer exists!

Billed as rocking junk food. Free pinball and rock music. Mostly take out, with limited seating.

The Joint on Preston
Foods from The Joint on Preston


2015 Oct 23
Well, now I am sad I never got to try such culinary amazements as the PBJ sandwhich, or the "Sissy Pedro" poutine.

2015 Oct 22
It's closing ?

Not open all that long ... so how could a place with a menu so interesting(?) looking go belly-up ?

2015 Oct 22
Looking pretty closed now.

Unless i'm misunderstanding the newspapered up windows.... maybe it's just renovations.

2015 Mar 20
You guys are being harsh…the ketchup is made on site, as is the bacon jam and butter chicken sauce. I had the Meat is murder, best falafel in the city IMHO.

2015 Mar 19
I can't help but hear Guy Fieri's voice when reading the menu.

2015 Mar 19
After seeing this, I wanted to check out their menu. Do not click on their website unless you have a personal vendetta against your eyeballs.

2015 Mar 18
That good, huh?

2015 Mar 18
To put it diplomatically, I already outlined the positives in my first post.

2015 Mar 18
So how was the sandwich?

2015 Mar 12
I ate a sandwich here today and can confirm that it is open and cash-only.