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Caterer that also has a lunch buffet in the basement of 85 O'Connor St.

Foods from Prinzo Fine Catering

2014 Oct 8
Walked by and got a flyer from a woman explaining this caterer just started offering a lunch buffet. Included a coupon to save $2.50.

Went to check it out and was told that all of October, the lunch buffet is $12.50 even without the coupon.

Salad bar was nice: pasta salad, quinoa salad, eggs, pickles, olives. Also a make your own Caesar salad station.

Hot food and desserts rotate. This week is Thanksgiving week. Steamed vegetables, roasted potatoes, a mash (squash?), stuffing balls, lamb stew, ham and pineapple, turkey carved right in front of you. The set-up uses their catering stuff so it literally looks like your usual catered event.

Pasta station also available.

Desserts included rice pudding, pumpkin pie, chocolate cake and apple pie.

The salad bar was great. Hot food was pretty good. Pasta bar was so-so (cream sauce was a bit bland). Desserts were delicious (but I'm a sucker for rice pudding, no raisins!).

Anyway, the place was pretty empty but the food is reasonably priced and tasty enough. They also do take-out for $9.50.

Just wanted to put this place out there because I'm always complaining about the choices downtown. For take-out, between Marcello's and Prinzo, I'd much rather go to Prinzo. For a buffet/all-you-can-eat, Prinzo is neck and neck for me with Sushi Kan (which I consider a Chinese buffet first, sushi place distant second).