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Home made smoked meat sandwiches, including smoked meat, and smoked pork. Vegetarian options available. Gluten-friendly.

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2015 Apr 29
So, I had time to kill before work today, and I was in the neighbourhood, and I was curious and flush with a paltry payday from my second job so I popped in for the smoked meat sandwhich and a beau's, because it was a hot day.

Let me state this, I am in the camp of people who enjoyed the sandwhich. Big chunks of smoked meat, which were incredibly tasty.

So, yes, I will be coming back soon.

2015 Apr 27
Meat in the Middle is the first and only place i've been to in Ottawa that actually nails Montreal style smoked meat sandwiches. Had a killer sandwich there early Apr 2015, mid week, lunchtime'ish.

I was briefly deflated by no fries (no fries!?!) on the menu, but the bestest potato salad i have had in years mostly made up for it. Seriously, if it wasn't competing with fantasy fries in my head, this potato salad would have been flawless.

Will be back, will send others.

2015 Apr 19
I thought this was just a sandwich place so I wasn't too excited as I already have my go to places for that. I was happy to see that they do various forms of BBQ. Fantastic!

I ordered, I believe, a BBQ chicken leg with two sides. The leg was very, very small. Just looking at I was disappointed. I actually stripped off all the meat to prove that I could eat it all in a single forkful and pretty sure I was able to. The sides were similarly small - I ordered coleslaw and a salad. I guess I should have ordered two legs rather than one, but just for one leg it was already $16 or something.

All told the food was fine, but the portion sizes were not, at least for me. I spent nearly $20 with a can of pop and I walked home and had to make myself a sandwich.

When I contrast this with a burrito which is under $10 the value just isn't there for me, even as a treat.

2015 Mar 8
I'm curious about the menu item:
I suppose that's for their catering side?

Also, their use of apostrophes in words like SALAD'S or PANINI'S irks me. If this is the way they want do go, they should also (incorrectly) use SANDWICH'S.

Let's disregard for a minute that panini is already a plural ...

2015 Mar 7
The sandwiches don't come with anything, if that's what you mean. If you want a side, you order it.

2015 Mar 7
Do they serve fries with their sandwiches? The menu doesn't list fries.

2015 Mar 7
Had really been dying to try this place as part of my continuing hunt for proper smoked meat in Ottawa. Reigning champion is Big Rig, who gets an A for effort, even if their meat can taste a bit bland.

Well, Meat-in-the-middle takes the top spot after my visit last night. Thick, juicy slabs of smoked meat on fresh rye bread. No issues with serving size, I left full. Had the potato salad on the side. Again, generous and very tasty.

Smoked meat joints always have consistency issues depending on traffic and luck (which part of the brisket is sliced off for you), so I definitely wouldn't be shocked to learn you can have an off sandwich here. That said, I agree with the previous reviewer: this rivals any smoked meat I've had in Montreal in both flavour and texture. Montrealophiles would never concede that, but this is the real deal.

2015 Mar 3
Disappointing visit today. Puny smoked meat sandwich for $9. Potato salad was good, much better than the sandwich. Lunch cost $14 and I was more impressed with the side. Oh well. Won't be going back.

2014 Dec 22
Whenever I get the craving for smoked meat I head here. Still not a Monteral replacement but it is very good. The other day, however, the sandwich I got to take out was made with day old bread. Really unacceptable in a $10 sandwich.

2014 Nov 12
Tried Meat in the Middle last night and enjoyed it for the most part. Smoked meat was delicious, hot and juicy and the fatty parts, rather than being stringy/chewy/gristly actually seemed to melt in my mouth and added to the flavour immensely. Unfortunately I was underwhelmed with the amount of meat in my sandwich which was surprising since others have posted about generous portions. I would say there was abut 0.75 inch worth of meat, less around the edges. I enjoyed the potato salad but I could see more health-conscious folks taking issue as it was quite oily between the garlic aioli and pesto in it. I will try it again and hope for less stinginess on the meat.