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Ace Mercado
Foods from Ace Mercado


2017 Nov 11
Is any of that actually related to Ace closing tho?

2017 Nov 11
I think there is enough blame to go around, including to management of Mellos. The whole thing was very stupid, stealing the sign, leaving a long time establishment out to dry, and replacing it with a vegetarian place, that morphed into a juice bar. What was everyone thinking?

2017 Nov 10
I'm legitimately confused by this. Is "Ace" at fault for all of this, or the landlord(s)?

2015 Mar 11
In case the word hasn't spread, Ace Mercado started Taco Tuesdays last week! Half price all tacos for the entire evening, which is great because the savings I get from eating 6 tacos in one sitting can then be spent on their delicious (but also quite pricey) cocktails :)

2014 Sep 8
Troy is the mixologist they poached from Toronto. The Black Magic Woman drink is a fine example of subtle use of multiple ingredients that deliver a satisfying cocktail. Superb. Easily one of the prettiest locales in town.

2014 Sep 4
Went on the opening night 2 weeks ago.

Overall, the experience was nice and food/service was good.

Rene Rodriguez created a Mexican inspired menu which offers quite a large menu with many interesting dishes.

We ordered the Sample appetizer (Marinated Mango, Olives, small portion of Tuna Tartare, Apple with Queso and Chicharron with hot sauce. The plate was quite large and filling. Olives was nothing special...Chicharron was out of the bag with hot sauce very normal...Tartare was ok but nothing close to his Tuna Tartare at Navarra. I wouldnt order that again...

We ordered the all 5 tacos that was available and they were very good. $5 a pop which is high for the size...El Camino wins if compared. The taco that stand out was the Pig Cheek...good flavours.

The best part were the Cocktails. Rene brought a Mixologist from Toronto who created fusion-Mexican cocktails (most of them with Tequila) but my Bourbon drink was dead on and really delicious. Can't recall the mix but it was good.

Will be back to sample the rest of the menu.