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Foods from Salt


2015 Aug 11
Had lunch at Salt about a month ago and ordered the Steak & Frites.

The steak was ok but nothing special and jus was bland. came on a bed of mushroom which was nice. Fries were cripsy and hot.

I prefer the steak & frites at Absinthe and Allium.

My friend ordered the Turkey leg which end up being dry and the sauce was also bland.

I will probably return to give this place another chance.

2015 Jan 7
If you park in the underground parking at Salt, they will validate your parking. Just bring your parking slip with you.

2015 Jan 7
Just back from lunch at Salt, and pretty impressed. It got off to a good start when I saw the beer list. I knew I has a solid fallback with the Kichesippi 1855, but spotted the Ashton Togarashi. I didn't know what that was but Ashton Amber is my all time favorite beer so I gave it a go. It was a delicious brown ale that I could have many more pints of if I didn't have more to do that day.

It was bitterly cold outside, so I was in the mood for soup and theirs was spectacular. A rich mushroom soup, with a little grated Parmesan and truffle oil. My wife had a taste and though is was too salty, but I thought it was perfect. She opted for the artisan bread board with dips, and for $5 we weren't expecting much, but out came generous portions of 3 homemade breads (wholewheat, baguette & sourdough). They were excellent and you could really fill up on them. The chewy sourdough was a clear favorite. I guess you could argue that this is just a bread basket that should come for free, but my wife was happy, so that's all that mattered.

For mains my wife opted for steak frites, and I'm pleased to report there wasn't any gristle as FF encountered. My wife also raved about the mushrooms that came with it and the truffle fries.

I opted for the PLT (bottom right). Yay - more sourdough bread and those gorgeous fries, and the crispy pork belly was deliciously unhealthy.

We probably should have stopped at that point, but decided to push the boat out and have dessert. My wife had the deconstructed Tiramisu which was by far the most appealing looking dessert I've seen in a long time. I was a bit jealous but upon tasting it that faded. Basically I should have read up on FF's review beforehand, but I echo all the same sentiments, especially about those brown pucks. I had the chocolate semi freddo with homemade donut. I could rename this a "pot of sugar, with fried sugar on the side". If you have a sweet tooth than maybe this is for you, but i wasn't for me. It came out on a very attractive slab of black slate though ...

All in all, a very good experience and we'll repeat, but as FF said, skip the dessert.


2015 Jan 4
Stopped into the lounge for cocktails. It is a really beautiful lounge. My husband had a gin martini and there were at least 5+ types of gins to choose from. I had prosecco. I'd like to go back when the piano player is around.

2014 Sep 26

A truly beautiful dining room with comfortable seats and stunning decor. Excellent patio outside. Awesome bar lounge area.

Kichesippi 1855 ($7) on tap for me (my favourite ubiquitous local beer) and a beautifully done Mojito ($13) for my wife.

Water bottle brought immediately and glasses topped up. Amuse-bouche.

My wife's lobster spaghetti ($22) was pretty good, with a nice spice and herb treatment.

Frites accompanying my steak were awesome. The peanut butter cookie in my wife's pb and banana ice cream sandwich ($10) was excellent.


My steak frites (aged 45 days, $32), while deliciously medium rare, came with a slab of gristle along one side--not fat, actual gristle.

The gelatinous pucks on my deconstructed Tiramisu ($12) were just plain bad. I rarely leave food on my plate but this time I had to. I gave my wife a puck and she couldn't eat it either. While my plate had a nice mild coffee sorbet, there was no hint of mascarpone anywhere to be found.


Go for the incredible atmosphere and cocktails! Keep expectations low for food. Skip dessert.

2014 Jul 20
I may have found my new favorite Ottawa patio (although I could do without the little black dresses the servers are required to wear) – it’s on Preston in the location that seemed to be cursed because so many restaurants have been there and failed. I hope this is not the case for Salt. I really enjoyed my dinner there – a lovely patio combined with good food (something I find difficult to find in Ottawa).

We shared two small plates (which were actually quite large), one large and one dessert:

- Alt Brick Tuna Tataki ($16) – thin slices of raw tuna rolled in Japanese 7 spice rub, beautifully displayed on a salt stone. On the side were cucumber ribbons, pickled daikon pearls, nori crackers and some soy sauce in a Chinese soup spoon. This dish was very flavourful.

- The Bucket ($18.00) – three pieces of chicken with a nicely crispy buttermilk coating. Our server explained that the chicken was cooked sous-vide so that it was pink around the bone but safe to eat. This cooking method made it was a bit of a mystery to us how this fried chicken got it’s coating but it also was the reason that it was incredibly moist. On the side was a small bowl of a mixture of cabbage and tomatoes in a vinegar-laced dressing. There was also a grilled cornmeal biscuit which was very tasty.

-Steak Frites ($32.00) – a 10oz. grilled beef strip loin sitting on a small bed of mushrooms and spinach (?), with a mushroom demi glaze. The thin cut frites came with watercress aioli. Nicely done.

For dessert we chose the Deconstructed Coconut Cream Pie which had miniature coconut macaroons, “blobs” of mascarpone cheese, crumbled graham crackers and custard spread around the plate. It was good but would not be listed as one of my favorite desserts.

Service was friendly, helpful and although the wrong wine was brought out at first, this was quickly corrected. I hope they are able to break the curse and they do well.