From their website:
Our goal is to bring you the healthiest, freshest, and authentic Afghani food in Ottawa. We use fresh and finest ingredients and spices available to offer you. At Supreme Kabob House all the food is prepared daily fresh and no preservative is added.

Kebab at Supreme Kabob House
Eggplant Korma at Supreme Kabob House
Chicken Korma at Supreme Kabob House
Naan at Supreme Kabob House
Supreme Kabob House
Foods from Supreme Kabob House

2014 Jul 19
Prepare for a flurry of comment from me on this little hole in the wall! Husband and I tried this place tonight - his second time, my first. You need to try this! Everything was flavorful, well-priced, fresh and well-prepared.

If you haven't tried Afghani food (I hadn't), it's sort of similar to Indian but with a slightly different flavor profile. Kormas, naan, kebabs (obviously.)

Interior is nicely finished, super clean if a little sterile, and not sure if this is why, but the place was deserted, so we had great service. The folks running the place seemed very interested in making sure we enjoyed ourselves.

Check out the feast we assembled. Hope the next time I go in it's slammed with Ottawa Foodies!

2014 Jul 19
These are almost like a pizza dough - not greasy at all. Hot out of the oven with some delicious charry bits - perfect for scooping up that korma juice!

2014 Jul 19
This is in the side dish section of their menu, but it's a big portion - and it's delicious. Choice chicken bits in a coriander / curry sauce. So very good.

2014 Jul 19
Topped with yogurt and cilantro, this dish makes me happy on all levels. Basically a delicious eggplant curry. Try with rice and naan! This was my favourite of all the dishes we tried.

2014 Nov 3
This Shami Kabob platter is tasty and filling. The naan, fresh from the oven and wonderfully chewy-crisp, is the most unique and commendable component. The kabob is satisfying and quite well seasoned, but not as flavourful as Persian Koobideh.

The salad is crisp and fresh, but the dressing seems to be Kraft Ranch or similar. The rice is a mildly seasoned bed for the kabob, which you can shovel down if you're still hungry.

So not a bad option overall, but not worth crossing town for.