This vendor no longer exists!

This is a new spot located at the corner of Maitland and Woodward. The chef is Cordon Bleu trained and used to be an instructor at that school. It is mainly a take-out place although they do have a couple of picnic tables outside. Open Monday though Fridays from 8:00 - 8:00 and Saturdays from 10:00AM to 3:00PM. Everything is made in-house, including their bread.

Foods from Take Away Gourmet Shoppe


2015 May 19
Stella, thanks for the update. I'll follow them on their Facebook page to find out where they will be re-opening.

2015 May 19
Posted on their Facebook page May 1, 2015:

"As some of you may have already seen, we have decided to move locations! We are taking a couple of months from a storefront but will be accepting online orders and catering through our website very shortly.
We will update everyone on the new location when it is finalized. Thanks for everyone's patience and support"

They recently had a Groupon package for 5 coupons but haven't replied to any questions posted on their page about what the closure/relocation means for groupon-holders.

2015 May 17
Closed, although it would seem I was the only one who went there. Too bad. The food was really good and was good value.

2014 Jun 21
For lunch here yesterday we both had the fish and potato wedges. For $12 each, we got three good sized pieces of Boston bluefish, potato wedges, home made tartar sauce and some cabbage salad. We also had a serving of their lobster bisque which, for $3.50, was a steal. We shared a humongous chocolate and butterscotch chip cookie. The food was, as might be expected from a Cordon blue trained chef, excellent and the portion served was generous. We took a liter of their lobster bisque home with us and this cost us $12. Their soups are normally $10 per liter. Meals for take out include such items as lobster manicotti, stuffed portobello, braised lamb shanks and roast duck. Various panini sandwiches, include Maine lobster roll $12, crispy tilapia, $9 and Take Away Club made with smoked pork belly $10. They make their own bread. Go - you won't be disappointed!