Seed to Sausage General Store
Seed to Sausage General Store
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Feb 15
I've said this before in the forum somewhere, but just to make it official: they have the best smoked meat I've ever tried (and yes, I've been to the place every one raves about two hours from Ottawa). Haven't had their sandwiches though.

Feb 14
Stopped by this week for the usual snacks and was tempted by the smoked meat sandwich on offer. It was very good. A little smokier than a Montreal sandwich, it was served warm with a delicious local bread (I forgot to ask who baked it).

2016 Oct 10
I just have to comment on their awesome bacon. Crisps and browns beautifully with a delicious smoky taste. I had the regular bacon but they do a few others.

2016 Jun 1
Some recent goodies aquired from my newest favourite gourmet food shop just a hop skip and bound from my front door. The old fashion Bacon is really well done.

They have a great cheese selection and lots of random food items that will excite and delight. Picked up a potato loaf from Nat's Bread Company which is a really nice heavy loaf that made fantastic toast. I like that there are always daily baked goods on the counter.

The jalopeno blue cheese sauasage this time was a little too aged (I think this was the issue). The last time I had purchased this and the chorizo both were epic. Think that maybe a fresh batch of the Jalopeno sticks is in order...

The staff are always friendly, weekends are pretty busy lately!

2016 May 20
Great guys in the store. Say they may start selling cultures and sausage making supplies! Everything I use has to get shipped from far away. Would be nice to see something local!
Had a Chorizo Sausage stick...outstanding flavour, not something you would cook with though, more of a pepperette. Try one!

2016 May 8
I bought a dry cured sausage (jalapeņo and blue cheese) and was frankly a tad disappointed since it was very hard and actually kind of tough to chew on.

2015 May 12
They sell ice cream made by Les Bergeries des Sables. I tried the chocolate one the other day and it is really good. I don't know if the fact that it is made with sheep's milk makes it so creamy but it tastes like frozen chocolate milk. You know, the good kind that comes in a bottle ;-)

2014 Aug 2
Thoroughly enjoyed my snack of some pieces of molasses black pepper bacon this afternoon!

2014 Jul 16
Popped into Seed to Sausage General Store today and received a warm greeting from the owner. The staff we're friendly and helpful. They had some interesting products I haven't seen elsewhere in Ottawa (salts, hot sauces, cheeses....) plus some interesting cured meats. I picked up some hot sauce and 3 different sausages.

This place is a very welcome addition to the neighborhood!

2014 Jun 25
Picked up a few things here last week and among them were the jalapeņo and cheese sausages. I was very disappointed in the sausage. It was one big salt lick and I could not eat it. I want to go back and get some bacon which they do a splendid job on and I will mention the saltiness to them. Usually, their stuff is superb and I suspect that my experience with the sausage was an anomaly. Anyone else tried their sausage yet?


2016 May 8
I was looking for some smoked duck breast for a gift basket and called both Meat Press who was out and checked the menu at Wellington Gastro pub and no smoked duck salad on the menu so the only one I found with it available is Seed to Sausage so I went there.

The smoked duck breasts there were all very small about 110-130g (I got them to weight the one I found which I thought was the largest and it was 130g) and seems a tad high for $12 which makes it $9-11/100g.

I know I have bought a duck breast from about that price from both Wellington Gastro pub and Meat Press and they were approximately twice that size...

They also have duck prosciutto and similarly 90-110g or so for $12.