This vendor no longer exists!

On the north side of Rideau just east of King Edward. CASH ONLY.

Korean Fried Chicken at Ever Afters
Ever Afters
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2014 Sep 20
Service and atmosphere are very casual but friendly. The broad menu ranges from typical North American diner food to Korean specialties and bubble tea. I overheard a customer being asked if they prefer their cappuccino "wet or dry". 99% of Ottawa's cappuccino vendors do not have that level of expertise.

Great place for a bite of pan-Asian food and some bubble tea! The Kpop videos were showing on screen but the sound was unfortunately turned off. Hopefully they crank it up a bit in the evenings to accompany the KFC and beer!

2014 Sep 24
This looks absolutely yummy!

2014 Sep 20
Of course I had the Korean-style Fried Chicken with sweet-spicy sauce (yangnyeom/양념) $16. I love that the generic Korean word for fried chicken is simply the English word chicken written phonetically in Hangul: 치킨.

There were several sides to choose from; the server recommended rice, as it would soak up the sauce and cut the sweet and spice. This turned out to be necessary as the sauce was verrry sweet; I would prefer less sugar and more spice. The heaping pile of boneless chicken was crisp on the outside, juicy on the inside, and delectable throughout. Next time, I'll ask for the sauce on the side (for dipping) and a little extra chili sauce. And beer, definitely beer! :D