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2019 Jun 25
Pretty disappointing. Good fries and decent burger but nothing extraordinary considering it is billed as a burger place and high TA score. For starters, the owner seated us, and my God what a cold greeting! She dropped the menus on the table and took off, no 'enjoy', no smile, nothing. Ditto when we left, she was too busy crunching some numbers at one of the front tables to bother looking up.

I liked the homemade ketchup. My wife's nachos were presented in a tall cylinder that you remove slowly, and it all mixes together, odd. Overall, the nachos were cold, too high a ratio of cold garnishings to warm content.

I suppose it is too much to ask for a burger in the calibre of SW Florida's Ford's Garage chain, but I was hoping for something better than what I got at Bite. To date, my favourite burger in town is Bazille in the Nordstrom.

2017 Apr 28
This was the Bite Me burger ($14) and it made for a tasty lunch. The fries here are excellent and go well with the house made ketchup. The burger was good but you sort of take that for granted at a place with "burger" in its name.

The 1/2 lb beef chuck patty was thick and juicy (a fellow diner said her ribeye one was kind of dry though, so YMMV). The double smoked bacon had really nice flavour that worked well with the pickle, tomato, and Boston lettuce leaf. I'm not crazy about brioche style buns but this one was fine enough. And the well melted sheet of Cheddar cheese stepped up to the challenge of lubricating the whole thing as it slid into my gullet.

One side note: I'm sorry, but this place loses marks for dubbing their foot-long dog the Ron Jeremy. Yes, it's hilarious... until someone's kid decides to order it. 🤔

2014 May 21
Went back for a friends bday. Again, nothing to be excited for...ordered the Fun Guy burger, comes with smoked portabella,goat cheese, truffle...this time they brought side of Garlic Aioli which helped give flavor to the burger. Didn't taste the goat cheese at all. Fries are very good. Mac & Cheese is ok but not your typical Mac & Cheese which I love. Its probably the last time I will go back since the prices are high and better burger options in Ottawa.

2014 May 5
I've been anticipated for this place to open as it was renovating for many months and was excited to have a new burger place in the byward market . When I first came in I thought the place was very small, clustered and dark which made the place very loud since there was so many people that day. The service was friendly and welcoming but the place seems a little over-staffed for such a small restaurant.

We ordered the truffle mac&cheese, fun guy burger and pig pen burger. None of the burgers had any greens in them and hardly any sauce which made the patty very dry and I didn't enjoy the brioche bun at all . Usually when I eat a burger, the last bite leaves me wanting more. But I couldn't even finish my burger here. The truffle mac was a totally different twist to a mac&cheese. It was creamy and I did enjoy it.

Overall I think this place is still a working progress. I'm hoping they will change up their burgers and improve them in the future.

2014 May 4
A tweet from them from Thursday:

"@biteburgerhouse: We have 3 sommeliers on staff to help guide your wine selections. Our wines are selected to pair with our menu and must be "burger-worthy""

3 sommeliers? That seems a bit ridiculous, even for a place that's not a burger joint.

2014 Apr 11
Tried Bite on the second night it was open. Ordered a drink they were unable to make as they were missing an ingredient. Had instead a Marg made with avacado, which was not very good.

Ordered a Bite burger, which includes cheddar and smoked bacon, served on a brioche bun. The cheddar was almost totally absent and there were 2 small thin strips of bacon. Not impressed. The burger meat was nothing special, very little char, and the result was dry and disappointing. The brioche bun was toasted, but felt stale, even though they had only been open 2 days.

I upgraded to truffle fries, which went missing on the original order, and were promptly replaced. Fries were dark, crispy, but oily, and the truffle flovour was so subtle as to be pointless.

The service was friendly but totally scattered, obviously lots of growing pains. Judging by the parade of people thru the door, the concept is good. Don't know if I would return based on a $50 tab for two.

2014 Apr 10
Stopped in for the opening day at noon and well we left very disappointed. My colleague and I were warned by an employee after a 5 minute wait that service would be long since it was their first day. Well it took more than 1hour to get burgers with fries which we ended up taking back to the office. Staff was running everywhere and there was no sense of direction from management. Usually we are given something to either eat or drink during a long wait but just water top offs once every 15min.

The was meh. Order the Bite Burger which comes with simple toppings such as Cheddar, double smoked Bacon and Brioche bun. No sauce, veggies just bacon, meat and cheese. The bun was ok. Patty was moist and well seasoned. Bacon was OK but tasted better double smoked Bacon before. Fries were decent and crispy.

I will definitely be back since the menu is quite interesting but I really hope they step up the wait times.