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2014 Apr 3
Tried the very mild E. Pad Pak today while researching food options for my mother who will be visiting soon. She was recently raving about a stir fry dish she discovered at a Thai restaurant in Victoria. She likes lots of veggies and little or no spice. This is probably perfect for her!

I may have this again another day when I feel like eating lots of veggies (and a generous amount of beef), but I would definitely ask for it to be spiced up.

2014 Mar 28
Delicious! I dropped in on a whim -- they were wonderful people, very friendly. The food was quick, and they "delivered" to my car! Wow, now that is service.

The food was delicious and had a nice bite to it. We had the Pad Ka Prow (shrimp) and Panang Curry (chicken). It was a nice combination.

We didn't much care for the rolls as they didn't have a lot of flavour as others have mentioned.

We are planning return trips around their new extended hours to 7 pm. These folks deserve support!

Sorry -- no pictures, we ate too fast, too hungry, really tantalizing smells overcame the desire to capture anything for virtual enjoyment!

2014 Jan 14
We picked up an order yesterday for lunch. We had some Crispylicious rolls which were very light on the amount of filling they contained. Husband had an order of Tom Yum which he said had very little flavour and did not finish. Contrary to FF's experience, he had the drunken noodles and while it was reasonably spicy (he ordered it extra hot) he said that overall, it lacked flavour. There is some good news. I had the Pad Ka Prow and loved it. It was delicious. Top marks for the quality of the ingredients, as everything was very fresh and well cooked, but for us, they need to ramp up the flavour. I'll be curious to read other reviews to see if maybe it was just an off day. I hope so because the people running it are just so darn nice.

2014 Feb 2
Tom Yum was good, not great. The broth had a good depth of flavour, the soup was packed with button mushrooms and it had a decent heat. What both myself and my wife found was that it was missing the aromatics. There were no bits of ginger or lemon grass floating around and you could tell. Maybe this was strained from the broth, I'm not sure. North Americans tend to not like stuff in there food that they are not intended to ingest, however these ingredients in the bowl definitely add to the enjoyment. Good soup, and excellent value at $5.00.


2014 Feb 25
Switched things up and had the Pad Thai with shrimp ($2 premium) today. I asked for a hit of spice to wake things up and it was perfect. A little too sweet for my taste but not downright sugary like most places. The shrimp were perfectly cooked, succulent, and quite generous—I counted six.

It's still very cold, and south Stittsville is so out of the way. They would do brisk business in a better location and in warmer weather!

2014 Feb 2
We had the pad thai this weekend. To be fair we were so full from the rest of the dishes it was warmed up the next day. It was pretty good, but a little on the sweet side for me. A squeeze of lime and a little bit of chili-garlic paste worked to amp it up. I have not found a pad thai in the city that I like better than my own.

2014 Jan 10
I'm not a fan of pad thai but I tasted the one my coworker ordered and was impressed at how balanced it was. Not too sweet like some others, but still nowhere near as tasty as the Pad Kee Mao I enjoyed. This is a good Pad Thai and a great option for those who aren't into spicy food.


2014 Jan 10
Thrilled at the quality of the "Drunken Noodle" dish here! For $10 you get a delicious one-dish meal in a takeout container. Satisfying noodles, lots of veggies (bean sprouts, peppers, green beans, onions), and a perfect quantity of meat. Choice of beef, chicken, or tofu. Shrimp for $2 more.

I found the regular spice level to be perfect. This is restaurant quality food. It took about 10 minutes to prepare, so if the weather is cold it's a good idea to call ahead or have a car in which to wait for your order.

2014 Feb 2
I had the pad ka prow with beef, and asked for it extra spicy. It was pretty good, lots of spice and the ingredients were well prepared. I'd be curious to see what a regular version tastes like.

2014 Jan 16
Today for lunch I tried the stir-fried vegetables and Thai basil (#3) with chicken. It was full of veggies and served with a generous pile of rice.

This was thoroughly enjoyable but I found it less spicy and overall less tasty than the Pad Kee Mao I had last week. Note that this is the exact opposite of the combined experience of felinefan and her husband. Whether this indicates consistency problems or just differing tastes on our parts... time will tell. :)

Service was wonderfully friendly. I visited with two coworkers today and everyone hopes to see this truck do well!

2014 Feb 2
My wife had the red curry. I had a small taste. It was quite sweet and not to our tastes. I think this is a trend in Ottawa Thai restaurants, where the sweet starts to dominate. Definitely lots of coconut milk. Its not that this is a bad dish, its just not what we were looking for from a red curry.

2014 Feb 2
The mango salad was very good. It could have used a bit more heat for me, but the ingredients were very fresh and the dressing had a nice balance between the sweet and sour.