Foods from Dumouchel Meat & Deli


2013 Dec 26
Reporting back!

The roast I bought was delicious. Bought a monster sized one. A rib totalling 8 lbs. Paid 7.95 per pound. They boned it and tied it back onto the bones and placed extra beef fat on the top, so lots of great dripping for Yorkshire.

After dinner I separated it from the bones (just by snipping the string, and carved a take out portion - about 2 large dinner servings for a guest to take home.

For leftovers I have a very big chunk of boneless rare beef. (about 3-4 pounds) Using the leftover drippings will do an encore Yorkshire Pudding and serve for dinner with Caesar salad and baked potatoes.

It was a great roast and I would order from them in a heartbeat. I reckon I will have paid under $65 for 15 mains and some sandwiches.

2013 Dec 22
Went into Dumouchel and got ground meats for tourtieres. They also had frozen lumps of pastry dough. It rolled out beautifully and I snuck a crumb from the edge for scientific purposes. Tasted excellent. Ordered a standing rib. They will take the bones out then tie them back on for cooking, then a couple of snips and we will have boneless rib roast for Christmas carving. The bones will flavour up the pan drippings for the Yorkshire. He is putting extra beef fat on the top of the roast. These guys are superb. Cheerful, friendly and very fair prices.

Thrilled after 35 years to NOT be roasting turkey!!!