From Ross Tyrell and executive chef Louis Charest, who also own Big Easy’s Seafood & Steak House on Preston Street.

Foods from Rosie's Southern Kitchen & Bar


2018 Feb 19
Crap. I will utterly miss those ribs.

2018 Feb 19
It looks like Rosie's is closing.

The interior of the restaurant is great, but the patio area has... uh... a lot of stuff going on design-wise. I'm sure that didn't help draw in business.

2014 Aug 6
Went here for dinner with Dad today. I really really like how the decor has changed from the Mexicali Rosa's day. WE both noted, especially with the patio open, how much more clean and open and big it felt.

As for the food, I was happy. I got the ribs. Let me say this, there was a lot of meat on them. Like a ton. They were pretty spicy, but they were fall off the bone tender due to the braising. However, for some reason, they plated the fries directly on the plate, which was saucey, so the fries got all soggy. Other than that, it was really good.

2014 Feb 3
My wife and I had a chance to check out the new Rosie’s in the Glebe this past weekend. First of all I’m so glad that there appears to be a restaurant that will actually last in what has been a revolving dead zone for so long.

The place was very busy when we arrived and the staff all seemed like they wanted to be there and were genuinely friendly. The décor is great. Sort of Mexican, but more contemporary. It strikes the right balance of a nice place to go out to dinner, and also a place to get a casual drink after work.

To start, we ordered chips and salsa, a flatbread dish, and an avocado salad. The salsa was more of a puree which meant you weren’t left with a watery pool at the end found with most salsas. It was sweet, spicy, complex – yum. The flatbread was excellent. Warm and tasty with cheese and chicken, but was a bit on the small side. I didn’t try the avocado salad, but my wife was very happy with it.

This brings me to one of my only criticisms, and that is the pricing/portion size could use some tweaking. For example, the chips and salsa were $5, but the tiny flatbread was $12.

For the entrée I had the New York Strip which was excellent. Nice and firm with no gristle. It was a little overcooked, but was still satisfying. It was served with garlic mashed (my choice) and a tomato topped with pesto. It all worked very well together.

For desert I had sticky toffee pudding. It wasn’t anything special and I didn’t feel like it was made in house unlike the rest of the items. It had an almost stale texture to it. I’m used to a more spongy cake consistency – this was more brownie like.

Overall I thought it was a great food experience and a welcome addition to the Glebe. Looking forward to going back and trying some more items.

2013 Dec 29
I only had nachos and drinks, so cannot substantively comment. The decor is lovely, service very good. Nachos were awful. Dried up tiny amounts of cheese and a little bit of spicy sauce. Like eating nachos from a bag.