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Slipacoff's Premium Meats is an internet based meat supply business. They sell beef, poultry, veal and pork. Among their offerings are steaks dry aged for 28 days and a 50 day dry aged 36 to 40 ounce frenched rib steak. They will deliver or you can pick the order up.

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2017 Apr 11
it has been a few years since I dealt with them and I was very happy with their service then. All I can say is that they have a meaningless "contact us" on their web site page. I used that a couple of weeks ago to ask them something and no one answered it. It drives me nuts when businesses don't answer questions put to them via this method. Slipacoff's is not alone in this.

2017 Apr 10
Anyone had dealings with these guys lately. I heard that they had moved locations and that their customer service had taken a turn for the worse.

2014 Jul 31
Right now they are selling 70 day dry aged AAA beef brisket burgers. They are packaged as 6 ounce patties and are $3.75 each. They have also added some smoked sausages since I last ordered from them. Shipping is free.

2013 Dec 2
Ottawa address gave option of pickup for free or Purolater for $20. Uhmm... hard to do with a full freezer and travelling part of this week.

2013 Dec 2
How much was shipping?

2013 Dec 2
FoodTravel, we have eaten all of the bacon, the prime rib burgers, the sliders, 1 chicken breast and the cornish hen. We are going to have the dry aged rib steak tonight. As for favourites, it is hard to say as it is all good. I can say that the bacon had us smacking our lips. It was exceptional, but like I said, it is all a huge cut above. It is all well trimmed as well, and each item is individually vacuum sealed. Oh, and it is all fresh, not frozen. If you like, I can PM you tomorrow to let you know what the steak was like. Or, if it's okay, I can post it here unless FF says otherwise.

This is the web site|


2013 Dec 2
Just to clarify, it is INCLUDING today. If you have any questions, you can email me at ian@premiummeats.ca.

2013 Dec 2
The code is CYBER and it still work on Dec 2 to take 30% off when I tried it with a sample order.

Normally you need to order min of $100 but till Xmas they only require a $50 order. Pickup is free or they charge for shipping to your door.

Some of the products looks intersting. A shame I don't have the freezer space right now and/or someone to split an order with.

Felinefan, which products are your favourites from your 1st order?

2013 Dec 2
FoodTravel, thanks for adding that clarification as I forgot to add that point. The ad said that the discount was good until Monday and when phrased like that I never know if that includes Monday or not. I had written to then for clarification but had not yet heard back.

2013 Dec 2
The 30% off is for orders over $100 and good till Monday Dec 2.