Tucked into a parking lot at 5682 Hazeldean Road. Specializing in gourmet "loaded" hot dogs and poutines.

Poutine at Big D's Dog House and Poutine Emporium
Poutine at Big D's Dog House and Poutine Emporium
Poutine at Big D's Dog House and Poutine Emporium
Poutine at Big D's Dog House and Poutine Emporium
Poutine at Big D's Dog House and Poutine Emporium
Foods from Big D's Dog House and Poutine Emporium

2014 Jun 11
Thanks FF, Google Maps was showing it as being in front of/or across the street from Cabottos.

2014 Jun 11
That depends what you mean by "across"... click on the Website link, there's a map. :)

2014 Jun 11
That reminds me of the Detroit style coney dogs from my childhood (as opposed to Flint style)

What parking lot on Hazeldean is in in? Across from Cabottos?

Poutine 3


2014 Sep 9
Tried the Nacho Libre poutine during Big D's last week at the semi-permanent location in Stittsville.

Starting next Monday, September 15th, they will be truly mobile, announcing their location daily via Twitter and Facebook.

They are now offering a reduced "Special Events" menu. One-size poutine for $8.

2014 Jun 23
I'm not sure if I should comment on FFs ability/metabolism to put away poutine, or coney island poutine. I picked up the small while getting my car sprayed today. The poutine was very good - big fries which hold up to the toppings. The chili was very nice - I wouldn't mind a bit more spice, but it was tasty enough without it. The small was HUGE. I can't imagine an individual eating more. I am not a small person - I was/still am stuffed. I am looking forward to trying some of their other toppings. They also have a buy 5 get one free card for hot dogs/gourmet poutine.

2014 Jun 11
After watching the OttawaFoodie TV video, I had to try the Coney Island Poutine. Absolutely fantastic! I got a small, which turned out to be the perfect size for me to eat without any discomfort whatsoever.

Big D told me again how he makes his sauces and toppings from scratch. While I forked my way through this pile of fries, Coney Island meat sauce, curds, onions, and mustard, there were times that I felt like I was eating homemade roasted potatoes with delicious stew. This is unusually real food to get from a chip truck.

2014 Apr 3
I started the season with another Kicked Up Mac poutine. Prices have risen slightly: $7 big, $8 bigger, $10 family. I opted for the "bigger" and it was positively massive. Really, way too much for me. But I ate it all anyway.

Big D will be at PoutineFest this month, for those of you who would rather stand in line than go out to Stittsville! :D

PoutineFest deets: www.sparksstreetmall.com

2013 Oct 29
I never need to eat again! The Kicked Up Mac poutine -- a mountain of fries, curds, gravy, Kraft Dinner, and jalapeno cheese sauce -- was pure genius.

This place is like the best hangover food ever, 7 days a week. And Big D is one standup guy.

2013 Oct 16
I shied away from ordering a Large Classic Poutine after Big D told me it weighed 2 pounds. The Medium ($5.50) proved to be extremely filling.

This isn't the best classic poutine in town but it's probably the best value. The boxes (and fries and gravy, for that matter) are similar to Smoke's Poutinerie but the prices are lower. And it's still pretty good!

Next time I'd probably try the "Scotty Dog" (smoked meat, bacon, ham, jalapeno cheese sauce) or "Le Montreal" (smoked meat, sauerkraut, spicy mustard, diced onions) or "Kicked up Mac" (KD, jalapeno cheese sauce).

If you want to try them but don't want to come out to Stittsville, Big D's will be at the Ottawa Poutinefest on Sparks Street November 15-17: www.sparksstreetmall.com