Formerly known as the Laurier Ave. Pavarazzi's, Salitos offers a variety of gourmet pizza options, as well as other traditional options such as Panzarotti (calzone) and pasta.

Panzerotti at Salito
Pasta at Salito
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2013 Oct 14
The key to ordering the Panzerotti from Salito's is to always order it with the herb/"whole wheat" crust. It's well packed with filling, in this case pepperoni and cheese. I think it's deep fried, but if I am ordering a bread pocket filled with meat and cheese I am not too worried about it's method of cooking.

You get a marinara dipping sauce with it, but I always ask for a garlic dipping sauce, because I have an aversion to marinara dipping sauce.

2013 Oct 14
This is one of my favourite Alfredo dishes I've ever had. I have been ordering it from Pavarazzi's/Salio's for years. The sauce is perfect, not too heavy and tastes fresh and garlicky. When you order you have the choice of noodles, sauce, and toppings. I always get the penne Alfredo, with extra sauce (because I love it)! This is a beautifully flavoured comfort meal.