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2014 May 9
Well, OSM, I was typing this as I was traveling the 401 to Burlington. We hit a bump and the r flew right out of the window, never to be seen again!

2014 May 9
I echo your sadness extremely.

2014 May 9
Exteme sadness - they have closed.

2013 Sep 22
Picked up some cake bombs today. They are insanely delicious and worth every penny. Excuse me while I go and pop another one.

2013 Sep 18
The cake bombs sell out sometimes. Not surprisingly, people are drawn to large plum-sized balls of stupidly good cakestuff.

As a Plan B, sometimes he has half-cakes, so you have options, in that going for yummy chicken fingers and leaving with a delicious half a roast turkey kind of way.

2013 Sep 17
Thank you. I don't go to the Ottawa Farmer's Market much anymore but I do believe I'll make an exception for these.

2013 Sep 17
I wasn't 100% sure anymore, so I didn't post the price. I think it was $7 for 6 of them.

2013 Sep 17
FF, how much are the cake bombs?

2013 Sep 17
Picked up a bag of cake bombs from the Matter of Cake booth at the Ottawa Farmers Market at Brewer Park on a Sunday earlier this month. They were really good -- kind of like filled chocolates, but with thick fudge instead of a chocolate shell.

It's a clever product and a great way to sample a variety of cake flavours!

2013 Sep 17
For a special occasion recently we ordered one of these from here: itsamatterofcake.ca/new-page/

The picture is actually the Rocky Road cake from the site, but Matt did us a custom job involving spicy chocolate, white chocolate ganash, peanut brittle and chocolate crumble soaked in smoked chocolate milk.

I don't say (type) this lightly.... it was even better than it sounds.

Cannot possibly recommend Cake Xposed highly enough. He has a booth at the Brewer/Landsdowne Farmer's Market where you can see the cakes, buy what he has on hand or try the 'bombs', basically cake timbits made from the same ingredients he uses in the cakes and possibly crack, i'm not sure, but i wanted to order another one as soon as the last one was finished.

Totally worth your dollars. Will buy from him again, will send others.