Food truck on Somerset next to Dundonald park
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2014 Jul 3
Loved my "The Kochi" - dosa filled with paneer (Indian cottage cheese), sautéed onions, tomato, cream, peppers, ginger, garlic and ghee for $8 today, as well as the friendly service!

2013 Aug 1

2013 Aug 1
I had masala dosa (and free ice cream bar) yesterday. Very busy at noon, thus a bit of a wait, but they were working as fast as they could. Dosas cooked to order. Very nice people. Very inexpensive (some of the food trucks are charging a surprisingly high amount for very little food and no place to sit). Very tasty meal. Nice park to sit in. Highly recommended.

2013 Jul 31
I stopped by the other day and thoroughly enjoyed my meal. Definitely a welcome addition and some nice life at Dundonald park.

2013 Jul 31
I was surprised to see the lukewarm reception here, given that social media is blowing up with positive comments on this truck. For me, it offered the best value of any food truck out there -- full meal with sides for $5-$8, vs. $12-$14 at some trucks. Service was quick off the flat top (no warmers here) and friendly. Don't expect to feel like you ate a buffet afterwards, but the masala dosa offers a nice, light, yet satisfying lunch. Also had a mango lassi which was spot on. I've also had the Californian which was actually my favorite. They've only been open a few weeks, so still probably working on delivering consistent plate every time, but all in all this truck is a welcome and healthy addition to Centretown.

2013 Jul 30
I stopped by Dosa Inc yesterday for lunch and was so disappointed. I love Indian dosa, but this was not good at all. I got the masala dosa, it was bland, soggy and cold. It was curried potatoes inside the crepe; no spice at all. I got my dosa about one minute after I ordered, I suspect a warming drawer? The curry on the side was amazing, but I was only given about 2 tbsp worth; not nearly the amount given to Ratty below (see picture). The tomato chutney was spicy and delicious. I smothered my dosa in it. The park right next to it provides great seating. We got one of those chess board tables to eat on, and the graffiti all over it provided an entertaining read while we ate.
For 8 bucks, I won't be back. Worst part was that we were all still hungry afterwards.

2013 Jul 22
Tried Dosa Inc last week. We ordered a masala one as well as a california one (spinach, goat cheese and walnuts).

I was pretty disappointed. The masala one was okay. The california one just didn't work at all.
The soup was mostly just broth and the chutney was tasty but runny. We were both left pretty hungry afterward.

And now that I see plantain chips should have been included, I feel pretty ripped off.

The guys on the truck were nice, but the food left much to be desired.

2013 Jul 19
Captain Caper, it looks like you were given a huge serving of plantain chips! Are you complaining about the dosa that is presumably hiding underneath?

2013 Jul 18
When I go try Dosa Inc. I'll bring Ratty's picture along and say before I order: "Am I at the right place ? This is what my friend had at a food truck [show picture] and I want to make sure I get the same thing."

How could they short me on the size of the dosa and the amount plantain chips at this point ?

2013 Jul 18
I must have gone there on a bad day but my platter was not half as big as the one Ratty posted. I probably had 8 plantain chips in all, sambar and chutney were very watery. I had the masala dosa and it was good but the filling seemed undercooked. Also the packaging seems to take away from the crispiness of the dosa. I am south Asian so for me the dishes were quite bland barring a piece of chilli here and there. Maybe they should ask for spice level when you place the order and modify accordingly or have some hot sauce. Prices are quite reasonable and the service is friendly.
I have not written them off yet and am willing to try again once they are more settled. For the price, the food is decent as long as you do not expect restaurant style dosa. Overall it is a welcome and healthy addition to the food truck scene and judging by the line ups, it is a winner in the making.