Foods from Dolmades Greek Delight

2013 Feb 19
We made a delivery order this weekend and were happy with the food. We ordered a double chicken skewer platter and a dolmades platter. Both came with salad, generous portions of rice and a couple of roasted potato slices.

The salad was fresh and very enjoyable. It was mostly romaine with green pepper chunks, a couple of kalamata olives and a feta vinaigrette. The rice was also very nice, still warm and seasoned lightly. The roasted potatoes were delicious. I think they were first parboiled and then roasted/blackened on the outside and I've decided to try that at home.

The chicken skewers were nice, nothing spectacular but definitely good quality for delivery food. They were lightly blackened which was nice but a bit dry. The dolmades were very good and the portion, quite generous, was gobbled up quickly.

We ordered at about 9:30pm on a Sunday night and the food arrived about 25 minutes later which I thought was pretty good. But we're quite close, about 2km away, so that probably helped a lot.

2012 Apr 18
Simply put, this is the BEST GREEK FOOD IN OTTAWA...I have tried many before I found this place, and they never disappoint...The delivery is fast, the food is fresh and the portions are HUGE...I already recomment it to everyone I know!!!

2011 Jan 7
Tried this place for the first time last week, what a mistake. Order arrived 1 hour late, food was cold and found hair in my food!! Not to mention the person on the phone was rude and aggressive. STAY AWAY AT ALL COSTS!

2009 Nov 8
Wow. This guy made me some seriously good calamari the other night. Perfectly cooked ,cheap (just over $7 after tax) and a reasonable size portion. He certainly knows what he's doing.

2009 Oct 25
I actually picked up some food here the other night and was reasonably satisfied.

I had to give their calamari a test and so I ordered the Calamari platter which came with calamari,tzatski(sp)sauce, rice, potato and salad. The calamari was actually reasonable with a nice coating, not too greasy and not chewy. The rice was nicely cooked and the portion was quite substantial. The potato was the same variety that Greek on Wheels serves which is not like the lemon roasted potatoes I am familiar with from Greek restaurants in Winnipeg. Regardless, the potato was good. Despite ordering after 10:30 at night, the greek salad was very fresh and then dressing seemed to be homemade.

The place itself is exclusively take out and nothing to look at. The only downside to this place is that it is located near the corner of Gladstone on Bronson and there isn't much in the way of parking. During the day with the traffic, it would probably be annoying to try and pick up an order.

For take out Greek, I would definately choose this place over some of the other options.

2008 Nov 15
Yuck - greek fast food gone horribly wrong. Food - unremarkable. Staff - aggressive and rude. The owners and staff lack all the social skills necessary to be in customer service. My complainant (hair in my food) was met with hostility. Avoid at all costs...


2006 Dec 6
This can be a bit bland and mushy, but -- I really like it. Great comfort food, and nice to find a vegetarian entrée with substance.