Chip stand on Michael Cowpland Drive, just off Eagleson Road in Kanata south.

Poutine at Taters
Poutine at Taters
Hot Dogs at Taters
Fish and Chips at Taters
Poutine at Taters
Deep Fried Pickles at Taters
Poutine at Taters
Poutine at Taters
Poutine at Taters
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Jul 17
We went here for lunch today. My husband had the fish and chips, I had the bacon cheeseburger and three of his fries. The fries were undercooked, floppy things. The fish was okay he said but not as good as he remembered it although the serving was generous. My burg was good but the patty was too big for the bun so it was messy eating. The burger had one small onion ring, one very small piece of bacon and your standard processed cheese slice. And, although it was written on the menu board I didn't see it and got mayo on the burg as well, which I would have asked that it be left off. We won't be rushing back.

2013 Sep 17
Loverofallgoodfood, I've added a location to the description... Also, clicking the Website link would answer that question for you indirectly.

EDIT: I should add that the Fish and Chips isn't written on their permanent menu (yet?). So it's possible they don't offer it every day. Worth asking for, though!

2013 Sep 17
Hi everyone:

I was wondering if someone would be kind enough to share the location of this place so that I can go and try the fish and chips too?

Thanks very much in advance :)


2013 Aug 13
Finally got out here to try their fish and chips. I echo everyone else's sentiments - it is excellent and I really also liked their tartar sauce. Will be back for sure.

2013 Aug 4
Thank you HMB and FF. I will check their Facebook page before we go out there again. I also now have the app for Ottawa Street Food. I can't wait to try the fish and chips!

2013 Aug 4
Felinefan...there is also an iPhone app called Ottawa Street Food. Its free. It gives a real time what's open and what'
s closed as well as a description and location.

2013 Aug 4
felinefan, like many food trucks, the situation is somewhat dynamic and updates are posted on their Facebook page (see Website link above). They did post saying they would be closed on Saturday. Although that same posting also said they would be open on Sunday, and from what you wrote this might not have been the case.

The fish and chips is something new, also announced on the facebook page. Not sure if it will be on the regular menu eventually or not.

Many of these food trucks are a somewhat fluid--almost popup--concept and rely on social media quite a bit. The most extreme example is probably Raon Kitchen, where they post their hours and availability via Twitter on a daily basis (

Interesting times! :-)

2013 Aug 3
Went there today and they were closed. Also closed tomorrow. I did note that their menu does not list fish and chips which is the reason we went out there. Do they only have fish and chips on certain days?


2014 Apr 30
Open for the season in the same location! This is likely still the best classic poutine in the west end of town. The medium, pictured here, makes for a hearty snack or a light (haha) meal.

Noticed that they have a wider than usual variety of condiments on their counter, including Nando's Medium piri-piri sauce. That would be fantastic on a burger!

2013 Sep 27
The quality is still going strong here! Beautiful fries, generous curds, tasty gravy. The large is still huge. The fries now seem to be lightly pre-salted, meaning the gravy could push you beyond your sodium comfort zone. I loved them anyway though.

2013 Aug 12
Read all the good reviews and decided that since it is only 10 mins away from my work I would go try the poutine at Taters today. I found that taste-wise that the poutine was pretty good. The fries, cheese, gravy ratio was perfect and the fries were nice and crisp. I did find that the poutine had a little bit of a powdery/gritty texture to it. I don't know if that was from the gravy or if the potatoes weren't rinsed enough. Regardless, the flavor was great, so I will have the poutine again, and hopefully the grit was a one time occurrence. Size-wise I found that the difference between the medium and large was substantial so I stuck with the medium since I figured I could finish that.

Overall, was very impressed with the flavours and the cost. I will definitely be back to try some other items on the menu and to try the poutine again!

2013 Jul 18
I can't believe I ate the whooooole thing! :O

Surely my poutine-hungry liver from last night's food and drink crawl Forum - Any interest in Wellington food crawl in July? Maybe 3rd week? is a valid excuse for inhaling this giant tray of gooey goodness. At $6.75 for this Large, it is probably the best dollar per forkful poutine value in town. And the quality is very high too.

It really is too big though, so I think next time will see me getting Small/Medium poutine with a hot dog or something like that.

Taters continues to impress!

2013 Jul 9
Cheese for days.

2013 Jul 9
Went to Taters with the family today at lunch after reeding the positive reviews on OF.

This is the best Poutine in Kanata, by far. Lots of curds, really good gravy and the fries are crisp. Ordered a medium and it was the perfect size for me. My 17 year old ordered the large and couldn't finish it...which is a first for him.

Will definitely be back, and I can see all the folks from our office in Kanata starting to frequent this place.

2013 Jul 5
Finally visited this new place today after the discussions in Forum - Taters in Kanata.

The poutine is very good, possibly the best in Kanata! I won't gush quite so much as gottalovefood did, but the fries, cheese curds, and gravy are all as they should be. There was a small puddle of gravy left in my cup and the curds might be a little skimpy for those accustomed to the JP's/Crispy Chips portions.

My only real complaint is that the small is tiny, the medium is small, and the large is massive. At $5.25 the scant medium is a bit of a rip while the large is well priced at $6.75. Guess I just have to get the large next time! :D

The guy at the window was friendly and efficient. Customers were mostly construction dudes at noon on Friday. Watch out for the mountain in the middle of the road on the way in!


2013 Jul 9
I'm not usually a deep fried pickle guy, but my wife loves them so we gave them a try. Very good batter, and unlike most places the inside of this one isn't all mushy and gross. Very, very good deep fried pickles!


2013 Aug 1
Taters continues to impress! $10 got me this half-pound hunk of haddock with a thin and crispy tangy beer batter. The batter is mild and it allows you to taste the subtle flavour of the haddock. The flesh was flaky and moist as it should be. Good pub-quality fish and chips from a chip stand... who would have thought it possible!

The fries are great here too. This was my first time having them without gravy (i.e. poutine) so it was nice to see how they stand up to regular old salt and vinegar treatment. Outstanding!

I was very hungry today. But really, it was good!


2013 Aug 1
I got a small order of fries here this week. They were very good, and quite big. As posted elsewhere the medium are ridiculously huge. I saw a woman picking up a "family size" which was pretty much a paper garbage bag full of fries. The fries have a light seasoning mix on them. Nice and not overdone, although I prefer my fries non-seasoned. They had white vinegar on the counter, but I did not see malt, which I prefer (although I didn't ask either).

Poutine, and possibly fish and chips are now on the bucket list.

2013 Aug 11
Asked for a small fry ($3.25) and a hot dog ($2.75). Got this nice little meal for $6 tax in. Fast food chains, eat your heart out. ;-)

The hot dog, fries, and drink combo is something like $6.50 and I didn't want a drink that day. Be warned that if you really want a separate small fry order and a hot dog, you'd better specify that explicitly or you might end up with this "combo sans drink" as seen here.

The downside: I'm pretty sure this was less fries than you get with a small order. The upside: awesome lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and cheese triangle (!) garnish. I stuffed the cheese into my hot dog to upgrade it.

The hot dog was above average and the fries were incredible as always!

2013 Sep 27
I had a bite of my wife's Hamburger and it was quite perfect: super juicy fully-cooked patty, generous fresh lettuce and tomato, mayo, etc. This is miles ahead of what you get at a fast food joint for a similar price!

The picture will have to wait until I get a burger for myself. I've learned not to be stupid enough to get between my wife and her lunch. :D