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Foods from Hooch Bourbon House


2013 Aug 19
I've now been to Hooch House twice! We are in love with their drinks.

The food we had was quite good, but as mentionned below found the kale and seeds did not offset the mackerel enough. I however did not find the dish difficult to finish :)

I love the place and the staff are great and I hope it does well, but perhaps a little more marketing is needed due to location.

I was lucky in that I was riding down Rideau when I saw it and then researched it on the net.

I'm looking forward to visiting Hooch House often.

2013 Aug 13
Been looking forward to trying Hooch. Went here for dinner this past Saturday night. First impressions upon walking in - surprised at how empty it was for 8pm on a Saturday, less than half full. My wife and I sat inside as it was on the cool side, but they do have a small street facing patio. To the food and drink:

Delicious! Started with a bourbon cocktail, which involved blueberry, lemon and ginger followed by a pint of Ashton Blueberry Wheat - light on the blueberry and wheat, tasty. (My wife had a virgin caesar, no complaints)

Some hits, some misses. My wife had the poutine and burger. Poutine easily ranks among the top 3 in the city - gravy made with Beyond the Pale's Darkness, pickled cheese curds, smoked ham, just amazing. And massive for $8. Burger was very good, although the housemade bun seemed stale, which took away from the juicy patty.

I started with the smoked mackrel terrine - very rich which made the huge slab difficult to finish. The toasted pumpkin seeds and kale chips weren't enough to offset the richness. I moved on to the octopus - 2 pieces of perfectly grilled octopus. Sat on a bed of collard greens and a mountain of bourbon and cola infused baked beans. Beans were sweet, and while I like sweet, after a few bites they became too much.

Overall: I would return to try other interesting looking menu items and definitely to have another bourbon drink. Not sure if its the location on Rideau or cause its still fairly new, but hoping they can start attracting a larger crowd.

2013 Jun 17
I went with a friend over the weekend.

I was curious to try the resto after seeing the beautiful pictures in this article.

The decor is interesting, and the staff was super nice. We tried signature cocktails, their crab salad and some seafood dishes. The flavours were great and beautifully presented. I would go again:)

2013 Jun 17
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First-hand experiences with the food and drink at Hooch are vigorously encouraged! The octopus looks fantastic. :)