Foods from Pour Boy


2015 Aug 20
This has become my go-to pub for my weekly beer with co-workers. Besides the fact that craft beer pints are $5 or $4.50 for the house beer, it's cozy, and the food is good despite the price point. I like the atmosphere too. Great bar!

2013 May 29
Tried out Pour Boy. In fact, I ended up there twice this week and today is only Wednesday!

First round: had the Pour Boy Burger. The meat had a seasoning I couldnít quite figure it Ė it was tasty. The salad was simple but fresh.

Second round:
- fried tofu - nothing special but didnít disappoint either
- avocado and brie sandwich - buttery avocado and brie combination was a hit. It was a respectable sandwich. The only thing we thought might be nice was if there was an aspect of saltiness; a few slices of prosciutto would have been perfection.
- stuffed french toast - stuffed with ham and cheese, topped with maple syrup and came with a some fruit (good) and fries (mediocre). All in all very good.
It was very satisfying. The service was great. Before tip, it all came to under $20. AMAZING value!

2013 May 27
I just went to lunch at Pour Boy with some coworkers. We arrived around noon and were the only customers in the place; it was a very strange experience. Throughout the hour only 1 other person came in for lunch. The place has only been open a couple of weeks I think, so maybe the word hasnít gone out yet?

The food was pretty good, especially considering the cheap price tags. I had a brie and avocado sandwich with the cream of broccoli soup ($6.50). I was disappointed to see that my sandwich came on a tasteless dempster's 'wheat' bread, but my original assessment was thrown out the window once I dug in. The bread is grilled on the outside with some butter and they were very generous with the avocado and brie! I did have to ask for some mayo, as the sandwich was pretty dry without it. Other people at my table had the gnocchi, which they said was great for the $7.50 price tag. A friend also had the udon noodles, which she recommending skipping. We had pints of beer ($5) and pints of sangria ($6). The sangria was the hit for sure. I would absolutely go back for a quick sandwich/soup combo for lunch.

The service is a bit surly and the man who was serving us had little sense of humour. When I ordered my sangria he asked me when I was going back to work first; not sure if he was worried about my ability to handle alcohol? It was damn fine sangria.

2013 May 19
Learned about this place because of the mural fiasco (which the city eventually allowed).

The interior is nice and cozy, I liked the way that they had the windows painted which made the light coming in warm the place up.

The food is EXTREMELY inexpensive. I had a burger with fries that was good, especially at the price. Fries and burger bun brought in, patty made in house. It was something like $12-13 for a burger and a pint of Mill Street beer.

This is the menu for the Toronto location, from what I remember it's mostly identical:

I've had better food but I'll be back here regularly because the owner/staff were very pleasant, the food was quite good, and the cost was ridiculously low.