Olive and Chili offers an array of hot meals, deli meats, salads and pastries for take-out. There are a few tables available at the back of the store for diners who choose to eat in.

Olive and Chili
Foods from Olive and Chili


2018 Sep 19
wine and cheese was definitely not associated with the venue.

2014 Dec 18
Methinks wineandcheese might be affiliated with said establishment.

2014 Dec 11
100% gluten-free heaven! No compromise on taste, quality or price here!!!

2013 May 13
Yesterday I paid a late afternoon visit to the Byward Market to pick up some veggies for dinner. I popped into the newly opened Olive and Chili to see what types of foods are offered.

The display counters displaying the foods go around the perimeter of the store and the food items are grouped together by like products. Immediately upon entering is the rotisserie chicken section. Continuing along there are deli meats and pÔtÚs, a section labels "meats" with trays of food that looked like beef stew, chicken stew, and schnitzels of some sort. The next section contained salads like celeriac remoulade and garden salads as well as a few others that I couldn't identify. They had some trays that looked like they may have contained hot meals but were empty when I got there. The last few display cases contain a large assortment of pastries. I already had dinner planned for last night but picked up a miniature cheesecake to take home and pronounced it delicious. The cheesecake I purchased looked like the image on the right.

My only suggestions would be for Olive and Chili to offer some cheeses to go with their pÔtÚs but there are two cheese shops a block away so I think I could manage-;) The pÔtÚs and deli meats had little signs in front of them saying what they were but the staff did not so the same for the meats, salads, and pastries. I hope they add signs at some point so the customers know what the products are. I also didn't see any pricing posted anywhere so I hope they add the prices as well. These are just minor complaints at this point since the store has only been open a week. I hope to make a trip back in a week or two to pick up dinner and try some of their other products.