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2015 May 15
Given the accolades I've seen on social media and the fact that the truck is now in Bells Corners, I had to try this place out!

I prefer flour tortillas over corn, so I opted for 3 soft flour tacos: chicken, pork, and fish. They were served in an impermeable aluminum takeout plate, which turned out to be fortunate as the tasteless "pico de gallo" was incredibly watery and soaked through the bottoms of the tacos. The meat fillings were okay but didn't bring flavour excitement. The most prominent ingredient in all the tacos was shredded iceberg lettuce. These are nothing like the delicious tacos I've enjoyed at Corazón de Maíz and El Camino. And at $4.50 for one ($10.50 for three), they don't strike me as good value.

That said, other patrons were gushing about the deliciousness of the food so what do I know? I haven't even visited Mexico, although I certainly enjoyed the Mexican food I had in Arizona and San Diego.

My wife had the chicken burrito ($10.25). This was tastier than the tacos because it contained a slightly spicy rice. But not as textured and flavourful as what Mucho Burrito sells for less.

The side dishes -- rice, salad, etc, all looked nice and generous. Maybe our mistake was not ordering any of these.

Overall, if you want a food truck alternative to greasy fries, then this is a nice option. It's real food, just not as flavourful as I expect Mexican to be.

2013 Sep 14
Was so impressed with my lunch here the other week that I returned twice within 5 days. For $11.85, both times, I ordered two fish soft corn tacos with beans and rice on the side.

The tacos had a decent amount of fish in them (not breaded sticks as I have had elsewhere but broken up pieces) as well as a little bit of sauce (to keep things moist), cheese, lettuce and cilantro. Some might suggest that the tacos lack “kick” but I found the beans were where the spiciness was so once I scooped them in I found the tacos perfect.

Service is low key but friendly. I like that there is ample free parking around at City Centre Ave. making it extra easy to pull up and order. Glad to see they are open until 7pm some nights. I will be back again.

2013 May 19
I stopped in today and checked this place out, and I thought it was really good.

I enjoyed my fish tacos (the sauce on it was tangy and very tasty) and I liked the fresh fried tortilla chips so much I got a bag to take home with me.

I'll be back again, it's a great price for what I found to be very good food.

2013 May 10
Wow...what a let down.

When I heard there was a new truck in town serving Authentic Mexican food, I was there in no time and let me tell you that it was horrible.

I was sad to see when I got there that the staff cooking the food weren`t Mexican but whatever, anybody that has good knowledge of Mexican cuisine can cook good tacos.

The menu offers, tacos, taco salad, Chimichanga, burritos.

For the tacos, they offer fish, beef, chicken tacos and I asked the staff member how was the beef prepared and he responded a bit confused and said well its ground beef...and I asked him if it was marinated or cooked in a sauce and he said not really...same for the chicken. I decided to go with the chicken tacos and I had to tell them no sour cream and no cheese just pico de gallo with a lime. anyhow on to tasting, It must have been one of the worst tacos ive ever eaten...I mean everything was bland...the chicken had no flavour, pico de gallo didnt had cilantro I mean to was bad. The beans had a good kick but average really. my buddy ordered the beef and chicken tacos and said the beef was the worst...he ordered Mexican rice and didnt finish the bowl, he`s 280 lbs and basically loves everything.

I guess, I will keep driving to Corazon de Mais or Mauro for authentic tacos.